Leading Prenatal App Expands Product Offering to Support Underserved Expecting Mothers

New Babyscripts Care Navigator module is now available to organization who provide support to new and expecting moms

Babyscripts, the first mobile, clinical tool to allow OB/GYNs to remotely monitor their pregnant patients’ progress and health, has launched the Care Navigator module to extend its offering to underserved expecting moms. The new module adds additional features to cater to women who have poor access to care, and/or deal with external challenges, which threaten their ability to access care.

“50% of pregnancies in the United States are covered by Medicaid, which means each year, 2 million expecting moms are dealing with socio-economic challenges” said Juan Pablo Segura, Co-Founder and President, Babyscripts. “By employing our Care Navigator solution, these women have better access to prenatal care, educational resources, as well as social support during this important time in their lives.”

The Care Navigator is driven by a HIPAA compliant, bi-directional messaging platform that resides within the Babyscripts App. Patients will receive automated daily tips, education, and supportive messages via text from their pregnancy coach. Additionally, the expectant mom has the ability to communicate through this messenger with her assigned social worker. The social worker has access to a web-based messaging platform to communicate with each assigned patient.

The new module is a slight departure from Babyscripts’ other product offerings in that it is not only available to healthcare providers, but also to organizations who provide support to underserved expecting and new moms. The Teen Advocacy for Prepared Parenting program in Washington, DC is utilizing the Care Navigator to allow social workers to stay better connected with their under-21 expecting moms.