Kore.ai Announces Integration Partnership with Mediktor

Empowers Healthcare Providers with Enhanced Conversational AI for Symptom-Checking and Triage

Kore.ai, the world-leading enterprise conversational AI software platform and solutions company, unveiled an integration partnership with Mediktor, an advanced AI-based medical assistant for triage and pre-diagnosis. This collaboration delivers a digital-first healthcare assessment to improve access to care, boost patient experience, and generate better health outcomes.

Together, Kore.ai and Mediktor are offering healthcare providers a conversational, multilingual, omnichannel healthcare assessment available 24/7 to drive patient engagement and improve care navigation. Delivered through HealthAssist, Kore.ai’s fully scalable, pre-built, pre-trained, EMR integration-ready solution, healthcare providers can now seamlessly support care navigation and triaging of patients while benefiting from powerful metrics.

By combining natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning, the partnership allows patients to describe their symptoms in their own words, leveraging 45,000 synonyms in 16 languages, without worrying about using medical terms or making spelling mistakes. This is a significant step towards promoting health equity and accessibility for all. NLP can uncover meaningful insights from unstructured medical text, providing valuable information related to disease progression, treatment efficacy, population health trends, and many other use cases that would have been otherwise unidentifiable by using manual data review and analysis techniques.

“These kinds of partnerships are driving real operational advantages for patients and healthcare providers,” said Kore.ai CEO and Founder Raj Koneru. “We are excited to align with companies that are committed to driving digital transformation and creating extraordinary experiences throughout the healthcare ecosystem.”

“The combination of Kore.ai’s leading conversational AI and Mediktor’s top-notch medical NLP and care navigation capabilities will enable key players in the healthcare industry to discover valuable information and meaningful insights from patient’s unstructured medical text,” said Vicenç Ferrer, the Managing Director of Mediktor’s NYC headquarters. “Now, patients can enjoy a more seamless and pleasant healthcare guidance at the first onset of symptoms.”

Mediktor’s integration into Kore.ai’s conversational AI platform represents a significant advancement in care assistance. By leveraging the power of this partnership, Kore.ai is making significant progress in providing exceptional user experiences and delivering valuable healthcare outcomes to its customers.