Keyto Unlocks the Power of the Ketogenic Diet with a Smart Breath Analyzer and Personalized Program to Help People Lose Weight

Keyto breaks down science so people can break down fat

The ketogenic diet has become one of the most popular diets of recent times, and involves eating low-carbohydrate, high-fat foods, leading to a state of “nutritional ketosis” where the body burns fats for fuel. Despite the popularity, many challenges still exist to reach and maintain ketosis. Today, a team of experts are empowering success with Keyto, a new program that produces healthy weight loss and improved metabolic health with a ketogenic diet. Keyto combines rapid feedback from a proprietary Breath Sensor with personalized guidance from a mobile app (available for iOS and Android).

Available on Indiegogo with pre-order prices starting at $99, Keyto makes entering and maintaining ketosis and its metabolic benefits simple, social and fun.

“There are many benefits of a ketogenic lifestyle. One characteristic that separates it from other diets is that ketosis provides a biomarker one can follow by measuring ketones. This allows individuals to focus on ketone levels rather than weight, as weight is such a poor benchmark to track progress,” explains Dr. Ethan Weiss, Associate Professor and preventative cardiologist at UCSF and co-founder of Keyto, Inc. “We have developed a simple, accurate method to measure ketosis in one breath. Keyto eliminates the guesswork with real-time feedback and tangible recommendations on foods, meals and lifestyle.”

How It Works

Traditional methods for detecting ketones include urine strips, which are messy and inaccurate or blood tests, which are painful and expensive. Keyto takes a different approach by detecting a byproduct of ketone production, acetone, in the breath. Each Keyto device contains a proprietary gas nanosensor that is highly selective for acetone, providing consistent and accurate results.

Despite the complex technical specifications of the Breath Sensor, Keyto has made the process simple. Users breathe into the device, and the Keyto app delivers the measurement result as an easy-to- understand “Keyto Level,” a process as easy as counting steps with a FitBit. The higher the Keyto Level, the greater the state of ketosis and the more efficient the user’s fat burn.

At just 28 grams, TSA-friendly Keyto breath sensor is extremely light and can easily fit into pockets, purses or bags, while its AAA battery can perform hundreds of measurements without a need for charging. This permits users to measure their Keyto Level quickly, easily and anywhere.

Keyto Device Plus Advice – The Key to Burning Fat Faster

Dr. Weiss, an expert of cardiovascular and metabolic disease at UCSF, has developed a comprehensive program that is delivered through the Keyto app, which uses machine learning algorithms to deliver the right information at the right time to individuals based on their Keyto Level, body measurements, age and goals.

Developed as a comprehensive resource, the app delivers:

  •  Personalized guidance through the different phases of the program
  •  Individualized meal recommendations and other lifestyle tips
  •  A comprehensive library of keto-friendly recipes
  •  Educational videos to help maximize the ketogenic lifestyle
  •  A social engine for all-important community support of like-minded peers

The Keyto Code, a proprietary, scientifically researched guide to which foods to eat while on the Keyto program. It assigns simple color codes to over 10,000 of the most common foods, so people can understand what to eat without going through a tedious process of logging food:

  • Green foods, including wild salmon, avocados and leafy greens are the best, and should be eaten to satiety
  • Yellow foods including almonds, carrots and berries should be limited to one-to-three servings per day
  • Red foods such as bread, pasta and ice cream will throw the body out of ketosis and should be avoided

Those that start Keyto can expect to lose 5% of their body weight in the first five weeks. Many users from initial pilots lost even more in this timeframe. In addition to weight loss, individuals have reported additional health benefits including increased energy, deeper sleep and improved mental focus.


Keyto is available for pre-order today on and will begin shipping in January 2019. Pre- order pricing starts at $99. At commercial availability, prices are expected to be $150.

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