Kaia Health Unveils Complete Musculoskeletal Care Solution with Kaia Gateway and Premium Partners


Digital musculoskeletal (MSK) pioneer, Kaia Health, announces Kaia Gateway and Premium Partners, the next-generation complete MSK care solution for all U.S. employers and health plans, based on the industry’s largest randomized controlled trial (RCT), which showed how a treatment path, combining digital therapy, personalized health coaching and a collaboration with medical providers, achieved better outcomes than standard of care. 

Kaia Health’s digital MSK program has already treated 450,000 patients to date. Their complete MSK care solution will feature a rigorous claims-based ROI for each client and support preventative, acute, chronic and presurgical care for total spine, hip, knee, shoulder, hand, wrist, foot, and ankle. These capabilities will be fully rolled out by January 2022.

Introducing the all-new Kaia Gateway

Kaia Gateway is the new front door for all MSK patients, and accessed via Kaia Health’s existing digital MSK program.

A clinical triage algorithm will screen each patient and direct those at risk of needing more invasive or intense treatment to a Kaia Health medical provider for case review. An AI-enabled escalation algorithm will monitor patients longitudinally for clinical and behavioral patterns, mitigating the risk of unnecessary elective, and often costly, surgery.

The algorithms feature Kaia Health’s patented Motion Coach™ computer vision technology, which, using a smartphone, tracks thousands of data points on a patient’s body and provides real-time exercise feedback. This creates a more personalized, engaging experience than sensor straps or periodic video chats.

“Kaia Gateway creates an unprecedented level of understanding of MSK patients and their progression,” says Justin Yang, Kaia Health’s U.S. Chief Medical Officer. “The algorithms now include Motion Coach™ data in addition to self-reported and adherence data. Motion Coach™ thus now drives our clinical decision making in addition to patient engagement. This richer dataset will offer a more informed user case review and allow Kaia Gateway to make better patient choices in the treatment app or via one of our partners.”

Introducing Premium Partners 

Today, Kaia Health coaches refer out to other medical services within employers’ ecosystems. Premium Partners represent a deeper level of partner integration. They will be closely tied to Kaia’s existing MSK treatment and have access to detailed treatment history, including Motion Coach™ insights and disease progression. It will also feature other care solutions, including digital interventions, PT and telemedicine. 

In a recent regional health system deployment, Kaia Health’s MSK app use resulted in a 22% medical claims net cost savings and 50% decrease in MSK pain level. For employers, Kaia Health’s MSK app has demonstrated more than 20% decrease in medical spend with a 1.6x – 3x average ROI in the first year.

MSK conditions affect 126.6 million Americans, which result in annual costs to U.S. employers of $120 billion. MSK costs business an average of $425 per member per year in medical bills, affects 25% of their workforce and accounts for 16% of overall medical spend.