JMA Wireless Increases DAS Deployments in the Healthcare Market by Threefold

Trinity Hospital -- Augusta, Georgia
Trinity Hospital -- Augusta, Georgia

The industry’s fastest growing DAS solution is improving the patient experience and winning awards

JMA Wireless, a global innovator of wireless communications solutions, has further increased its presence in the healthcare market by tripling its number of new DAS (distributed antenna system) deployments during the last year.  Today’s medical facilities have transformed into high-tech hubs that not only demand robust cellular connectivity in-building, but many times across expansive outdoor campuses too.  JMA Wireless’ increased focus on vertical markets, such as healthcare, has resulted in more and more hospitals turning to the company’s innovative Teko DAS platform to ensure mobile communications for staff, patients and visitors.

“Many hospitals are investing in technology to improve outcomes for its patients, and truly change the face of healthcare,” stated Todd Landry, Corporate Vice President of Product and Market Strategy at JMA Wireless.  “We are proud to say that one of our healthcare clients was named a “Most Wired™” organization by the American Hospital Association and the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives.  This prestigious recognition was for its IT initiatives in the areas of infrastructure, quality, safety, and clinical integration.  Our Teko DAS platform is the wireless infrastructure equipment enabling this facility’s robust mobile communications.”

The popularity of the Teko DAS platform has soared in the healthcare market because it uniquely addresses numerous cost of ownership issues and cost effectively enhances and protects the integrity of wireless signals not only in-building, but across outdoor campus environments as well.  This modular solution supports multiple operators and bands as well as the latest wireless technologies, making it an ideal solution for a public location such as a hospital.  By developing its technology in-house, JMA Wireless enables healthcare facilities to utilize the newest frequency bands to support its various types of mobile users, including public safety officials.

During 2015 the company launched the next iteration of its Teko DAS platform known as C-DAS (centralized distributed antenna system).  With this most recent version, the critical mobile processing equipment is off-premise while the antennas and Remote Units are located onsite.  A centralized approach is ideal for medical campuses because it enables them to preserve valuable onsite real estate, resulting in greater economies of scale and decreasing the TCO (total cost of ownership).  The system’s antennas can be redirected remotely to certain areas of a campus to provide robust wireless coverage as needed.  Furthermore, with the C-DAS approach capacity not used by surrounding businesses on the week-ends or in the evenings can be reallocated to a hospital, allowing for better utilization of spectrum.

Below are a few examples of the forward-thinking medical facilities that already have deployed a Teko DAS to ensure robust wireless communications onsite.

Gemelli Hospital – Rome Italy


Gemelli Hospital is a large general hospital with 1,850 beds that also serves as a teaching facility.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute – Ashburn, Virginia


The Howard Hughes Medical Institute employs more than 2,500 individuals across the United States.  Its mission is to advance biomedical research and science education for the benefit of humanity.

Trinity Hospital – Augusta, Georgia


Serving the Savannah River area for over 60 years, Trinity Hospital is a 231 bed facility with over 400 medical professionals.

North Cypress Medical Center – Houston, Texas


North Cypress Medical Center is a 175-bed physician owned, general acute care hospital with the ambience of an upscale 5-star hotel.

Whether supporting telehealth applications or ensuring seamless communications for staff, patients and visitors, medical facilities are turning to JMA Wireless to enable necessary mobile connectivity.