Jasper Health Unveils Medicare Focused Cancer Care Navigation Leveraging AI, Aligned with New Reimbursement Codes


Driving Cancer Navigation At Scale With AI and Hybrid Virtual Navigation To Meet The Needs of Medicare Members

Jasper Health launched an unparalleled Cancer Care Navigation and Supportive Care Solution, aimed at transforming oncology navigation support for Medicare populations, in sync with CMS’s recent announcement to reimburse Health-Related Social Needs. This groundbreaking virtual solution aligns with national efforts and marks a turning point in the transformation of cancer care navigation. Having Medicare reimburse for cancer navigation services will make, “an enormous difference in people’s lives,” said Dr. Jill Biden, who championed the White House’s initiative.

“Patient Navigators serve as the guiding light for individuals navigating the intricate landscape of a cancer diagnosis and treatment. In this new reimbursable model, we will be offering high-touch, wrap-around navigation virtually. Our specialty-trained Cancer Care Navigators directly match with affected individuals, providing empathetic guidance and tailored resources every step of the way,” says Holly Spinks, Chief Clinical & Compliance Officer at Jasper Health.

A cancer diagnosis is a complex journey, and the pivotal role of Care Navigators in oncology cannot be overstated. Their impact resonates deeply across health outcomes such as timely access to care, improved medication and treatment adherence, enhanced patient satisfaction, reduced health disparities, reduction in care fragmentation and emergency room visits, as well as improving emotional and psychosocial support. In fact, 66% of older adults (ages 65+) who are using Jasper report feeling a reduced burden tracking their medications and treatments with Jasper’s support and 100% of members (ages 65+) are satisfied with the personal guidance they receive from their dedicated Care Navigator.

Backed by extensive research, including large-scale studies such as those conducted by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), it’s evident that Patient Navigators yield profound benefits to oncology practices, including bolstering patient retention, fortifying physician loyalty, and significantly amplifying revenue.

Jasper currently offers Medicare beneficiaries a multi-channel navigation service that includes a digital planner and dedicated Care Navigator. To enable cancer navigation at scale, this is paired with Jasper Compass, our AI-driven Cancer Care Management Platform, which allows targeted, efficient, and personalized approach to managing patient care, helping them optimize resources and interventions based on individual patient needs, ultimately leading to improved outcomes.

“Jasper Compass is now available for payors, health systems, and provider partners. This fully customizable and white-labeled platform empowers care professionals to enhance overall outcomes by improving the coordination of patient care,” stated Spinks.

Through Jasper Health’s Reimbursable Cancer Care Navigation Solutions, healthcare providers see improved patient satisfaction and engagement, enhanced success with value-based care models, improved staffing efficiency, and the creation of new revenue streams.

Jasper Health’s approach redefines Cancer Care Navigation, ensuring a seamless, empathetic, and effective journey for patients and healthcare providers alike.

The AI cancer navigation capabilities, AskJasper, will be showcased at the 2024 JP Morgan Health conference. To meet with Jasper at JPM, contact them here..