Jasper Health Launches Support Platform for Individuals with Cancer and their Caregivers


CVS Health Executive Adam Pellegrini joins as CEO and co-founder, Walgreens Boots Alliance’s VP of Digital Health Greg Orr joins as Chief Commercial & Product Officer

The first-of-its-kind digital platform lands $6.75m in funding co-led by 7wireVentures and Redesign Health to support those living with cancer

Jasper Health launched as the first end-to-end care experience that navigates, connects, and provides actionable insights throughout the cancer journey for individuals, their caregivers and providers. Jasper combines an easy-to-navigate user interface with leading oncology support to help guide Jasper Members and caregivers through the myriad of challenges that arise post-diagnosis. United by a team of digital health experts, specialized oncology social workers, and leading providers, Jasper Health is focused on transforming the lives of those with cancer. Jasper was conceived of and launched by Redesign Health, a mission-driven company creation platform focused on transforming the healthcare industry.

Jasper will be offered as a platform working with health plans, employers and health systems to better serve those who are experiencing the challenges of cancer care and its associated costs. Jasper will be engaging with health systems and health plans who are looking to connect their healthcare professionals directly to a powerful, patient-centric experience. This connected care coordination will enable people to get the care they need — leading to improved adherence, fewer unexpected days in the hospital, better outcomes, and, as a result, reduced costs for those at risk for the cost of care.

The platform delivers AI-driven care navigation and connects Members to health professionals and their extended care teams. The company currently leverages live video and asynchronous chat capabilities to connect Jasper Care Guides with Members throughout their treatment journey and survivorship. Jasper also offers tools for people to manage appointments, report symptoms and side effects, and receive personalized recommendations and curated content tailored for their unique stage of treatment. Integration with other services such as transportation, family care, financial assistance, nutritional guidance, mental health support, and ongoing wellness will soon be offered to Members and their loved ones. Jasper takes a 360-degree approach, considering the emotional, wellness, social, and tactical needs of individuals, informed by the ongoing collection of real time data, to vastly improve the experience at each phase of their cancer journey. By leveraging both technology and human interaction, Jasper ensures Members will have access to the right information at the right time.

“Individuals and their families are overwhelmed with the information, tasks, steep medical bills and the ‘unknown’ that cancer brings and are trying to manage everything with limited to no support. Jasper is changing that paradigm, with learnings from thousands of Members and caregivers by allowing them to take control of a diagnosis that is out of their control,” said Adam Pellegrini, CEO and co-founder of Jasper Health. “Jasper will set the standard for how individuals with cancer connect with the larger healthcare ecosystem to ultimately help close gaps in care and provide meaningful improvements in health outcomes.  The initial response from potential healthcare partners has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Pellegrini, who was previously Senior Vice President of Enterprise Virtual Care & Consumer Health Innovation at CVS Health, brings more than 21 years of experience in digital health to Jasper, also having held positions at Fitbit, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Microsoft Health and led www.cancer.org for the American Cancer Society. Jasper also named Greg Orr as Chief Commercial & Product Officer. Orr joins from Walgreens Boots Alliance where he was Vice President of Digital Health. Both Pellegrini and Orr bring a deep digital health expertise in creating solutions to empower people to lead healthier lives.

“We are building a world class team of seasoned digital health and consumer leaders at Jasper to transform cancer care and provide the most meaningful support to anyone living with cancer,” said Kira Wampler, Jasper Health co-founder and Venture Chair at Redesign Health. Wampler led Jasper’s concepting and development at Redesign Health, with support from consumer leaders from top companies like Udemy, the XO Group and Lyft. “We are thrilled to officially launch Jasper Health and are confident that Adam, Greg and the entire team will continue to deliver an indispensable resource for Members and caregivers.”

As part of the launch, Jasper raised $6.75 million in seed funding, co-led by 7wireVentures and Redesign Health, allowing the company to continue its deep support for Members and caregivers, and build out the expansion of its offering to provide services for partners in the healthcare system. 7wireVentures co-founder and Managing Partner Lee Shapiro also joins Jasper’s board of directors.

“Our key objective is to support founders who are enabling a more Informed, Connected Health Consumer and Jasper Health aligns perfectly with our values,” said Shapiro. “The platform demonstrates a better path forward for cancer care by leveraging technology to better address and solve its Members’ challenges. Ultimately, Jasper empowers individuals by equipping them with resources and information to be stewards of their own health and care journey.”