Integrating A.I in Healthcare To Create Meaningful Change

Jan Schlüter, CEO and Co-Founder of DARVIS

Through A.I Technology, Health Tech Company DARVIS Uses Its Solutions to Help Hospitals Generate One More Surgery a Day

DARVIS (Data Analytic Real-World Visual Intelligence System), technology for hospital and distribution center logistics and digitalization through AI technology, and is the creator of OmniRoom, a platform that uses AI visibility to automate the inventory experience, works with a large German national hospital group to help create time for healthcare professionals to conduct one more surgery a day, through DARVIS technology to optimize their sterilization logistical flow and gain measurable results. 

In today’s fast-paced business environment, productivity is key. This is especially true in the healthcare industry, where every minute counts, and the consequences of inefficiency can be dire. OmniRoom uses computer vision to provide customers a wide range of digital services, such as OCR (optical character readers), inventory tracking, dock door scanning, productivity monitoring and scoring, flow insights, cost model insights, spatial search capabilities, and more.

“Hospitals are facing increased pressure to improve efficiency while still providing high-quality care to patients,” said Jan Schlueter, COO and Co-Founder of DARVIS. “Inventory management can be a complex and time-consuming task, but our OmniRoom simplifies the process and generates significant ROI for hospitals.”

OmniRoom provides services that DARVIS customers can customize to optimize their needs. The German hospital group utilized OmniRoom to quickly and accurately scan and track medical products and devices as they moved through the hospital and also went to DARVIS to implement inventory track and trace to ensure that all items were accounted for and properly stored. Dock door scanning was also implemented to provide real-time visibility into the flow of medical products as they moved in and out of the hospital. With productivity monitoring and productivity scoring, the hospital group was able to identify areas of inefficiency and make the necessary changes to optimize their workflow.

OmniRoom space utilization comparison feature provided valuable insights into how the hospital was utilizing its space, allowing for adjustments to be made to improve efficiency. In addition, flow insights and cost model insights helped the hospital group identify waste areas and make changes to reduce costs.

Finally, spatial search capabilities allowed the hospital group to quickly and easily locate specific medical products and devices, further optimizing their workflow and reducing the time and effort required to find what they needed.

By leveraging the latest in AI and digital technology, healthcare providers can improve patient care and outcomes while simultaneously reducing costs and improving efficiency. Through OmniRroom DARVIS helped healthcare professionals perform one more surgery per day by analyzing and using A.I technology speeding up the logistics process. This is a significant increase in productivity that has real-world implications for patient care and outcomes and allows the hospital to save and generate millions of dollars. 

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