Inspira Health Network Launches Virtual Care Platform for Southern New Jersey Patients

Inspira Health Network, one of southern New Jersey’s leading healthcare providers offering primary, acute and advanced care services, is making it convenient and cost-effective for patients to receive care for common health conditions with the launch of Inspira eCare. This online diagnosis and treatment service virtually connects patients with Inspira clinicians.

Inspira eCare is powered by Zipnosis, the first virtual care company enabling leading health systems to launch virtual care service lines staffed by their own clinicians. Using evidence-based online adaptive interviews from their smartphones, tablets or computers, patients can be virtually treated for more than a dozen common medical conditions, including upper respiratory infection (cold, flu, sinus infection, cough, etc.), female bladder infection, conjunctivitis (pink eye), yeast infection, cold or canker sores, eczema, tinea, acne, motion sickness prevention, heartburn or gastroesophageal acid reflux (GERD), minor burns and tobacco cessation.

Inspira’s move into virtual healthcare is a natural progression of its focus on innovation, technology and patient experience. The health system selected the Zipnosis virtual care platform after two years of focused research.

“We liked the idea of using our own providers in an innovative way that delivers both continuity of care and a competitive advantage,” said Evelyn Balogun, MD, MPH, FACOEM, Medical Director of Urgent Care at Inspira Health Network. “Inspira has been implementing a number of new digital technologies for our patients, including a completely responsive website and a suite of mobile apps. Virtual healthcare is yet another way we can enhance patients’ digital experience and give them another access point to our health system.”

Jon Pearce, CEO of Zipnosis, commented: “We are thrilled to welcome Inspira Health Network as our newest partner and look forward to supporting them in their mission of providing quality health services that improve the lives of all they serve in southern New Jersey.”

Leveraging the advantages of adaptive online interview technology
Inspira’s leadership chose Zipnosis in large part because of the platform’s online adaptive patient interview and “store and forward” technology that leverages national best practice, evidence-based provider pathways.

Available anywhere and anytime, the virtual care platform allows patients to use their smartphones, tablets or computers to complete a short online interview that adapts intuitively based on how patients answer the questions. A physician employed by Inspira Health Network then reviews the interview results and provides the diagnosis and treatment plan. If needed, the evidence-based online adaptive interview can be supplemented with a video visit (for example, if the patient might have pink eye and the provider needs a visual confirmation).  For existing Inspira Urgent Care and Inspira Medical Group patients, the provider can electronically send a prescription to the patient’s pharmacy of choice, if appropriate.

Access to care patients need, when they need it
Inspira comprises three hospitals, several multi-specialty health centers, a cancer center and urgent care services, totaling more than 100 access points staffed by 1,100 physicians and other healthcare providers. Recently, the health network opened its sixth urgent care center, with plans to open four more by next year.

“Our urgent care centers offer expanded hours and convenient service, which has been a major focus for us when it comes to patient access,” Balogun said. “The Zipnosis virtual health platform is an extension of that, enabling us to provide patients with the care they need, when they need it—in their own homes.”

Inspira’s virtual care services are supported by clinicians within the network who deliver primary care and urgent care services. The Zipnosis virtual care platform allows Inspira to leverage excess clinical capacity in between in-person appointments. Diagnoses are guaranteed within an hour.

Zipnosis platform enables care continuity
Continuity of care is a major focus within Inspira Health Network, so leaders knew their virtual health technology needed to support that goal.

“All of our practices are connected with the same EHR platform so that patient information is well integrated and can easily be shared across the system,” Balogun said. “Our continuity of care in the digital space mirrors that. The quality and continuity of care delivered by the Zipnosis platform is the same as that provided by a patient’s primary care physician in a brick-and-mortar location.”

Balogun added: “The Zipnosis platform enables us to remove barriers to care and strengthen Inspira’s connection with patients in the community.”