Innovaccer Launches 2019 ACO Compare Tool

Tool lets ACOs contrast and compare their performances against their contemporaries and helps to create strategies to succeed under value-based contracts

Innovaccer, a San Francisco-based data activation company, today announced the launch of the 2019 version of its ACO comparison and performance tool, ACO Compare. With Innovaccer’s latest offering, ACOs can figure out concrete strategies and build comprehensive road maps to achieve their goals based on in-depth analysis and regression on critical data points.

While ACOs have traditionally been considered to be the ambassadors of the movement towards value, they face various challenges at both operational and planning levels as they build on the hype that surrounds their existence. It gets extremely critical for them to understand factors that can probably sabotage their dream of optimizing care and cost outcomes. In fact, ACOs that fail to understand the dynamics of the value-based reimbursement landscape end up on the negative side of the cash flow.

Amid recent calls for high-level changes in the MSSP program, ACOs need to align their resources to drive better clinical and financial outcomes. However, many times, ACOs have little visibility into opportunities they can tap. Analyzing their performance to strategically move forward should, therefore, be a high priority for ACOs today.

Aimed at making relevant insights available to ACO leadership and execution teams while also allowing them to benchmark their performance at both regional and national level, ACO Compare lets organizations take control of factors that account for their total shared savings in the MSSP program. The 2019 version of the tool has been upgraded to provide information on MSSP ACO performance trends on key quality and cost measures based on the latest information made publically available by CMS.

With exhaustive tool dashboards, ACOs can identify their bottlenecks and back their strategies with concrete data. Supported by heat maps, bar charts, and scatter plots, ACO Compare can:

  • Compare up to five ACOs at a time across quality, expenditure, and utilization measures
  • Generate detailed reports
  • Assess performance trends
  • Monitor risk-adjusted expenditures
  • Understand high utilization drivers
  • Identify underperforming KPIs
  • Drill down the performance view to understand where an ACO falls compared to its contemporaries

“The ACO model of care has its heart in the right place and is perfectly poised to steer healthcare to the days of better efficiency and reduced costs. However, much of it depends on how dynamically they can fare in the environment that require continuous innovations,” remarks Abhinav Shashank, Co-founder and CEO at Innovaccer. “With the ACO Compare, we are committed to easing the journey of ACOs by providing them with detailed reports of the national and regional trends that can help them immensely in zeroing in on strategies best suited for them,” he concludes.

Innovaccer recently launched its Outreach Management solution to streamline patient-provider collaboration at each step of care delivery, the PCMH solution to enable organizations to succeed under the Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMH) model of primary care, the Pediatric Population Health Management solution to deliver family-centered pediatric care, and the revolutionary AI-assisted SDOH Management solution to address the social determinants of health.