Industry-Leading Technology and Services Platform Generates ACO Shared Savings

Final reports from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Shared Savings Program show that over $40 million of the $466 million dollars saved nationwide for 2015 was attributed to Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) affiliated with Citra Health Solutions. ACOs have access to enhanced capabilities utilizing various components of Citra’s proprietary technology, analytics, care management and engagement services.

“Knowing that only approximately 30% of all ACOs in 2015 achieved shared savings, and even fewer achieved two consecutive years of shared savings, this places ACO Health Partners in an elite group that is proactively changing healthcare. Our dedicated network of physicians found a trusted partner in Citra Health Solutions and benefits from their platform of innovative technology and engagement services that improves care delivery, ensuring successful outcomes. At ACO Health Partners, we plan to continue seizing every opportunity that we are given to improve the care experience,” said John Wagner, Executive Director of ACO Health Partners.

The 2015 ACO performance report released by CMS shows that ACO Health Partners achieved a total savings of  $7,296,532. ACO Health Partners employed Citra’s analytical and consumer engagement platforms to improve quality and impact patient health care experiences. All ACOs affiliated with Citra exceeded quality requirements by over 86% and showed significant improvement with patient satisfaction thresholds.

“We are pleased by the continued year over year success that has not only delivered significant cost savings, but has also given patients a higher quality of care. Our health ecosystem of configurable solutions is focused on appropriate care that adjusts for the consumers’ needs. We are all affected by healthcare and want to empower providers with the necessary analytics, technology and care management services to change the landscape,” said Howard Buff, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Citra Health Solutions.

In addition to providing complete management services for ACOs from contract formation to patient care coordination, Citra is known as an innovator of value-based care through signature care programs and technology advances. The recent acquisition of NCQA certified and URAC accredited SironaHealth, only proliferates the continued commitment to quality, patient satisfaction with improved outcomes and lower medical costs.


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