Imprivata showcases Healthcare Security solutions and discusses critical issues at Future Health2017

May 24, 2017PRLog — Imprivata®, the healthcare IT security company, will be showcasing its latest solutions for authentication, access management, and patient identification at Future Health 2017 (24-25th May) in Dublin, Ireland with its local partner Triangle Health. Imprivata will be demonstrating Imprivata PatientSecure® a patient identity solution, as well as Imprivata OneSign® and Imprivata Confirm on the Triangle Health stand 47, at the e-Health Summit. Dr. Saif Abed, Medical Director EMEA at Imprivata, will also be presenting and chairing at four sessions in the ‘Festival of eHealth’ conference stream over the course of the two day event.

Dr Abed will present the session on Day 1 entitled, ‘Making the Business Case for eHealth – It’s More than Money’, sharing his experience at Imprivata of working with clinical, political and management leaders to develop business cases that help deliver successful health IT projects.Dr Abed will participate in panel discussions covering topics including clinical risk and workflows, with colleague Claire Reilly, Clinical Workflow Specialist, and how to optimise the relationship between the private and public sector in complex e-health projects. He will also chair a panel of fellow industry leaders and members of the Council of Clinical Information Officers Ireland on the final workshop session entitled, ‘The Future of Digital Health in Ireland’.

Imprivata OneSign gives clinicians No Click Access® to clinical administrative applications by replacing passwords with a single badge tap or swipe of a fingerprint, saving time for the clinician and allowing them to focus more on patient care. When measured, this can save clinicians 45 minutes per shift, releasing valuable time back to patient care. Imprivata Confirm ID provides a single, centralised solution that enables users to access and transact patient health information securely and conveniently across clinical applications and medical devices (, ensuring that sensitive patient data is protected.

Imprivata PatientSecure uses palm vein biometric information to create a direct match between individual patients and their unique medical records across disparate systems. It stops patient misidentification errors at the source and prevents the creation of duplicate medical records, providing a safer and more streamlined patient experience.

Dr Saif Abed said; “This conference is a great event for Imprivata to share our experience as frontline clinicians and IT strategists with other medical practitioners. Our knowledge of the clinical, operational and financial mechanisms underpinning the areas of governance, patient safety and clinical risk and clinical engagement can help health organisations realise the benefits of health IT projects.”

Carina Edwards, Senior Vice President Customer Experience at Imprivata commented; “Future Health is an important forum for healthcare professionals to look forward as to how healthcare will be transformed in the digital age. At Imprivata we employ clinical professionals who understand the challenges that clinicians face on a daily basis and have developed our technology solutions to address those issues today.

“Our solutions make cybersecurity as easy as possible for both clinicians and patients across the many different devices that are used to access medical records in healthcare settings. Patients can rest assured that their sensitive personal information is kept safe at all times.”

By providing a comprehensive platform for single sign-on, authentication management, and positive patient identification, Imprivata is able to enhance and streamline clinical workflows, making access to patient information seamless, accurate, and much quicker.

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