Imprivata and Nuance Communications Bring Clinical Speech Recognition to Secure Communications

Imprivata Cortext secure communications platform integrates with Nuance Dragon Medical One to make secure messaging and texting of physician orders easy through speech

Imprivata® (NYSE: IMPR), the healthcare IT security company, today announced that Imprivata Cortext®, the secure communications platform, now supports clinical speech recognition through the Nuance Dragon® Medical One cloud platform. Using Dragon Medical embedded in Imprivata Cortext, healthcare providers can speed the input of accurate, high context patient care communications, including orders, by allowing physicians to say what they mean. The Joint Commission, which accredits most U.S. hospitals, recently lifted the ban on texting orders as long as licensed practitioners meet specific criteria that are under review until September.

“Clinicians want technology that is easy to use and that gives them more time back in their day to spend with patients,” said Ed Gaudet, General Manager for the Imprivata Cortext Product Line. “By assuring that complex medical terminology is recognized quickly and accurately, and communicated securely from anywhere, speech to text functionality greatly improves clinician productivity and therefore benefits patients and the entire healthcare enterprise.”

Dragon Medical embedded in Imprivata Cortext offers a seamless, secure, and professional-grade voice experience through a speaker-adaptive engine, custom vocabularies, auto-texts and templates, built-in visualization and feedback, voice navigation and correction, and anytime, anywhere access. This delivers a single, personalized, and consistent experience as clinicians move between the desktop, web, and mobile devices and across the EHR and mobile productivity apps. With a robust medical dictionary and specialty language models designed for healthcare, providers can speak at their own pace and dictate the latest medical terms and phrases at more than 150 words per minute.

“We’re excited about the productivity and financial benefits that physicians will receive from tying Dragon Medical One into our Imprivata Cortext application for secure communications,” said John Lucabaugh, Vice President, Health Information Management at Summit Health. “Our goal is to give back critical time to our providers who are extremely busy with everything they have to do, so that they can care for their patients.”

“Physicians spend 43% of their workday on documentation and they are increasingly frustrated with how it cuts into their time,” said Peter Mahoney, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Clinical Documentation, Nuance. “Up to 500,000 clinicians use Nuance healthcare solutions to speak their notes today and it’s safe to bet most are already using a mobile device to text while at work. Bringing those two natural habits and technologies together in a safe, secure approach fits their workflow and benefits both physicians and patients.”

Named the 2015/2016 Category Leader for Secure Messaging by KLAS and endorsed for secure messaging by the American Hospital Association, Imprivata Cortext is the secure communications platform for healthcare that facilitates care coordination by allowing physicians, nurses, and patients to connect, communicate, and collaborate securely from any workstation or mobile device.

This integrated solution is now available to all Imprivata Cortext and Dragon Medical One clients. For more information about Imprivata Cortext, visit or call 1-781-674-2700, and to learn more about Nuance Dragon Medical One, visit or call 1-877-805-5902 to see a demonstration.


Click here to review a PDF about Imprivata Cortext with voice powered by Nuance Dragon Medical.