iGlucose® Innovator Launches Provider Resource Supporting Reimbursable Remote Patient Monitoring

2019 CMS CPT Codes Enable Clinician Reimbursement for Patient Product Training, Daily Data Transmission and Remote Patient Management

Smart Meter, a diabetes management data, technology and solutions company, known for the iGlucose® Cellular Diabetes Care Solution, is pleased to announce the launch of a digital resource,www.ReimbursableRPM.com. The website provides clinicians a reference to help take advantage of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) 2019 CPT reimbursement codes for remote patient monitoring (RPM).

The three new RPM codes- CPT 99453, CPT 99454, and CPT 99457- are part of the final 2019 Physician Fee Schedule and Quality Payment Program. The RPM CPT codes offer one-time and monthly reimbursements per patient signaling that CMS recognizes the clinical value RPM brings to today’s healthcare system for both patients and providers.

The digital resource, www.ReimbursableRPM.com, will provide CPT code clarification from CMS’ web pages, recent healthcare industry news coverage discussing RPM and the CPT codes, and FAQs with responses from various published sources.

Last year’s reimbursement code for RPM, CPT code 99091, was significantly underutilized.  Two contributing factors to underutilization were clinician education and awareness.  The www.ReimbursableRPM.com website is intended to be a service to the industry and will help increase awareness for the CPT codes and will grow as new information is published. The website is sponsored by the iGlucose Cellular Diabetes Care Solution, which is a simplified RPM solution with features specifically designed with the RPM CPT code requirements in mind.

“We’re excited to help build awareness of RPM and participate in delivering its benefits to both patients and clinicians. The new CPT codes for RPM reflect the importance of connected health technology in supporting enhanced levels of care to patient populations outside of the clinical setting, especially with chronic illnesses such as diabetes,” said Cliff McIntosh, CEO of Smart Meter. “Now, healthcare providers may be reimbursed for time spent implementing remote patient monitoring strategies and reviewing patient data between office visits. We’ve already seen RPM improve patient outcomes through our simplified cellular technology. Our iGlucose cellular solution is an ideal tool to meet both patient and provider needs.”

Numerous major health plans have now adopted CMS’s CPT codes and reimbursement guidelines as they demonstrate the value RPM can play in improving a patient’s outcome and to reduce healthcare’s overall costs. The state of Virginia has already passed legislation making it mandatory to reimburse for remote patient monitoring. In addition, several other states have their legislation under review.