Humetrix Apps TENSIO and SOS QR Chosen as Part of NHS England Test Beds Innovation Program

Humetrix Participated in Competition to Find Innovative Solutions to Patient Care with the Sheffield City Region

Humetrix mHealth apps SOS QR and TENSIO have been recognized as innovative patient care solutions, as part of the National Health Service (NHS) England Innovation Test Beds program.  The program is designed to test technology innovations on a large regional scale with the goal of modernizing how the NHS delivers care. Seven Test Bed sites were selected from 33 NHS regional applicants, including the Sheffield City Region where Humetrix is taking part.

The Sheffield City Region Test Bed site encompasses a population of 2.5 million across South Yorkshire, Mid Yorkshire and North Derbyshire in a mix of urban and rural environments. The program, dubbed “Perfect Patient Pathway,” focuses on improving care for people with three of more long-term conditions, and includes technology solutions from 13 companies, including GE Finnamore, Apple, IBM, Medtronic, Teva, and Humetrix, selected from a pool of over 200 technology solutions.

TENSIO addresses hypertension, which affects more than one in three adults, and is the most prevalent chronic condition in Sheffield and the rest of England. For more than 50 percent of these patients, blood pressure cannot be brought under control when solely managed in the clinic. TENSIO provides patients with the tool they need to work with their clinical care team to monitor their blood pressure at home and helps them adhere to their prescribed medication regimen as well as hypertension related lifestyles changes.

For patients with multiple long-term conditions who often take multiple prescribed medications, the risk of misdiagnosis or prescription errors in an emergency can be high, especially since emergency department staff and first responders may not have access to a patient’s often-complex history. SOS QR addresses the problem by giving patients or their caregiver an emergency record that can be immediately accessed by first responders via their smartphone and QR technology. The app is also a personal emergency alert system, enabling the more vulnerable patient population to call for help and alert their emergency contacts of their location so that they can receive care quickly.

“Humetrix is thrilled to have been selected along with the other health IT innovators who will contribute to this important project impacting the Public Health of an entire region,” said Dr. Bettina Experton, CEO of Humetrix. “By engaging all stakeholders within the Sheffield City Region, this project is a tremendous platform for incorporating both patient and provider-facing technology into new clinical pathways that will improve the public health of an entire region to the country at large.”