Hotwire Launches Global Health Tech Practice

Partners with Hot Topics to launch the Health Tech 100

Hotwire, the global integrated PR and communications consultancy, today announced the launch of a global Health Tech practice. Overseen by Chief Development Officer Andy West, the practice will be staffed by an initial team of 10 employees from across Hotwire’s global network, each of whom bring strong integrated communications experience in the category including work with the likes of Nuance, Fitbit, Garmin, Samsung and Qualcomm.

To support the launch of the new practice, Hotwire is partnering with the global business media brand, Hot Topics, to publish the Health Tech 100, a list of the world’s most influential leaders in the Health Tech category. Uniquely, the list has been nominated by the leaders of the Health Tech sector globally, alongside members of Hot Topics’ business leader community. It features established executives, policy makers, innovative creators and entrepreneurs from healthcare and Health Tech organisations around the world. Over the next six months, members of the list will exclusively contribute their thoughts and opinions about the growing category on the Hot Topics and Hotwire Health Tech 100 website.

According to Brendon Craigie, Group CEO of Hotwire, the launch of the new practice recognises the heritage the company has in technology and the global opportunity represented by the burgeoning Health Tech category: “Every day we get the opportunity to work with businesses that are creating technologies that are changing the world for the better” , said Craigie. “Nowhere is this more the case than in Health Tech where we are seeing two vital sectors of the economy converge. Hotwire has been involved in the sector for over a decade and we hope this new global practice will enable us to partner with established and emerging leaders in the category.”

Commenting on the new practice, Chief Development Officer, Andy West, said: “Health, like many traditional industries before it, is being disrupted by the emergence of new technologies.  However, despite the hyperbole, the barriers to entry remain high because of complex regulations and, in some cases, fear of change. Through our global team of specialists, we plan to help Health Tech businesses create effective comms campaigns that highlight not just the incredible innovation behind many of the solutions but the true life changing benefits that these technologies deliver.”