Hospital for Special Surgery Joins with Transcarent to Provide Leading Self-Insured Employers with a New Health and Care Experience for Employees


  • Self-Insured Employers Can Now Leverage Transcarent Centers of Excellence for Employee Access to the World’s Top Orthopedic and Musculoskeletal Specialists

  • Transcarent Members Will have No Out-of-Pocket Responsibility; Travel Costs and Certain Orthopedic Surgeries are Covered

Transcarent, a health and care experience company for employees of self-insured employers and their families, has a new collaboration with Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) that will allow both employees of self-insured employers and their families to have access — with limited or no out-of-pocket responsibility — to HSS’ world-leading orthopedic and musculoskeletal (MSK) specialists. As part of this new program, Transcarent will handle all Member referrals, and help cover the cost of certain orthopedic surgeries, along with travel coordination and associated costs when necessary.

Founded in 1863, HSS is the world’s largest academic medical center specialized in musculoskeletal health, consistently ranked No. 1 in orthopedics worldwide by Newsweek and nationwide by US News & World Report. HSS has the lowest complication and readmission rates for orthopedics in the nation, and among the lowest infection rates. More than 90% of patients recommend HSS, which maintains a Net Promoter Score of 94, more than three times higher than the healthcare industry average. Ninety-two percent of HSS patients report improvement one year after surgery.

“Leading employers remain dissatisfied with the access to, quality of, and cost of our healthcare system, especially the surgery experience for their employees and their families,” said Glen Tullman, Transcarent Chief Executive Officer. “HSS has long been the acknowledged industry leader in orthopedic care, and we are excited to collaborate with them to bring the Transcarent Experience with Surgery Care to people across the nation who need high quality, affordable care.”

The World Health Organization reports that musculoskeletal conditions are the leading cause of disability, and a National Health Interview Survey found them to represent one in three reasons requiring time away from work. Transcarent combines access to best-in-class care with trusted Surgery Care Coordinators and a personalized experience for Members along with an innovative risk-based model that fully aligns incentives with both employers and Members.

“Through this important collaboration, HSS and Transcarent will help employers reduce healthcare costs and improve the care experience for their employees,” said Louis A. Shapiro, President and CEO of HSS. “It’s a new opportunity for HSS to apply the world’s largest concentration of orthopedic expertise to enable people, businesses, and communities to realize their potential.”

Along with access to a leading surgery care experience, Transcarent provides 24/7 personalized health and care support via dedicated Health Guides for virtually all the most common and most challenging needs, including essentials like urgent care, lower-cost medications, personalized behavioral health and care, care at home, cancer treatment, and expert second opinions.