HIMSS Media Lab is Launched to Lift Audience Engagement and Revenue

Credit: HIMMS Media Lab

Promises to Deliver Scientific Approach to Marketing Analysis and Content Development

HIMSS Media has launched the Media Lab to deliver “breakthrough” content strategies to help clients crack the code on content marketing to healthcare technology audiences. Anchored by the Center for Content Analytics, the Media Lab applies a scientific approach to better align clients’ content needs with distinct, data-supported Health IT buyer personas.

“We’re leveraging the HIMSS database of over one million health and technology experts as our “laboratory,” said Senior Director of Content Analytics, Frank Cutitta. “This enables us to identify the emotional and business triggers that drive an audience segment’s information needs, and that’s really the key to understanding buying intent.”

The HIMSS Media Lab uses these audience insights to shape the content being created and disseminated within the HIMSS Media platform, and beyond — whether it’s developing digital media products like webinars and videos, or producing custom-built face-to-face events.

“Many healthcare IT vendors are struggling,” said Media Lab Founder and VP of Marketing Solutions, Betsy Kominsky. “Developing a comprehensive content marketing strategy is not easy. Too often, marketers are resorting to ‘random acts of content’ in an attempt to get marketing content into the market. Given that HIMSS Media has the largest audience in the industry and we know what information they consume, we’re in a unique position to help our clients break through with better content.”

The HIMSS Media Lab is organized into four teams:

The Center Content Analytics: A research think tank focused on discovering the emotional, business and topical drivers of purchase decisions.

Custom Content Team: Develops “enriched” content based on the research findings.

Design Team: Delivers agency-grade graphic design to visualize content.

Audience Analysis: Deploys, monitors and optimizes engagement programs within the HIMSS universe—or beyond, then delivers captured leads.

“This is a level of strategic and creative support not seen in our industry before and we’re delighted to field such a talented team,” said EVP of HIMSS Media, John Whelan. “The Media Lab and the Analytics Center will help clients truly leverage HIMSS’ unique audience insights and industry passion to drive their marketing success.”