High Quality Telehealth with NQF Measures Framework HIMSS18 Must See Sessions

The common consensus in the healthcare industry is that telehealth is a good, or great, thing. But exactly how good is it? What is the best way to measure telehealth programs? How can providers, payers, government agencies, and others in the industry agree on what’s most important or what constitutes a quality program? If a practice is implementing a new telehealth service for the first time, how do they know what to improve or what to expect?

Jason Goldwater, Senior Director of Cedarbridge Consulting, and previously Senior Director of the National Quality Forum, has the answer. Jason, along with a team of fellow experts in the telehealth industry, has been working with the National Quality Forum since 2016 to establish a common language for measuring telehealth programs and quality. Called the Telehealth Measurement Framework, this set of measures and standards will serve as a guide for physicians, administrators, policy makers, and others, to evaluate and assess telehealth interventions across the spectrum.

Jason, along with his colleague Dr. Judd Hollander, will be presenting on the framework and their experience with what constitutes a quality telehealth program on Tuesday, March 6th, at HIMSS 2018. They will be speaking on their experience establishing and using the framework, as well as an overview of what constitutes a high quality telehealth service. To learn more, go to http://www.himssconference.org/session/framework-support-measure-development-telehealth.