Hicuity Health WE SEE YOU CARE Awards Recognize Telemedicine Impact

6th Annual Awards Highlight Care Partners’ Ability to Leverage Telemedicine to Improve Patient Outcomes

Hicuity Health, the nation’s leading provider of high-acuity telemedicine services, announced its 2021 WE SEE YOU CARE award recipients. As telemedicine has become established as an integral part of healthcare, the opportunity to recognize expert practitioners and advocates could not be more appropriate. Provider-to-provider telemedicine continues to prove itself as an effective tool to enhance patient care, elevate patient outcomes, and increase support and decrease stress for bedside clinical teams.

First introduced in 2016, the WE SEE YOU CARE award program highlights the efforts of Hicuity Health partner hospitals, bedside clinicians, executives, and support teams who continually find ways to leverage acute care telemedicine to provide innovative and exemplary patient care. The 2021 awards were announced to individual facilities earlier this year, with recognition events occurring both in person and virtually over the course of the year. The winners for 2021 included four care teams and four individuals who demonstrated and personified the power of telemedicine to improve care and clinical outcomes for their patients. Some were spurred by the unique and timely demands of COVID; for most, the award recognizes their on-going efforts to improve care delivery.

The 2021 WE SEE YOU CARE awards shine a bright spotlight on the accomplishments of a variety of healthcare providers. Hicuity Health is proud to work closely with these exceptional professionals across the country to care for their patients.

“Hicuity Health is pleased to once again honor the hard work and dedication of our care partners by presenting the WE SEE YOU CARE awards for a sixth consecutive year,” said Lou Silverman, CEO of Hicuity Health. “As healthcare increasingly recognizes that telemedicine truly is medicine, the collaborative efforts of our nominees and award winners along with the day to day dedication of our care teams and those of our clients, provide outstanding examples of how to seamlessly integrate the bedside and the webside to provide outstanding patient care. We are excited to publicly recognize this year’s winners.”

The 2021 Hicuity Health WE SEE YOU CARE Award honorees:

  • Care Units and Organizations:

o   Baptist Health Corbin, Critical Care Unit & Respiratory Therapy

o   Greeneville Community Hospital East

o   Kershaw Health

o   UAB Medicine, University of Alabama

  • Individuals:

o   Kerry Baucom, RN, AdventHealth Gordon

o   Sarah Hannah, RN, Baptist Medical Center Nassau

o   Robert Helfrich, Senior Manager Biomedical and Device Integration, AdventHealth

o   Keith Meredith, PharmD, Salem Regional Medical Center

WE SEE YOU CARE award nominations were solicited from both partner hospitals and Hicuity Health employees. Each recipient was honored with a trophy presentation and a donation in their name to their hospital’s foundation.