Healthcare Success as Exasol Transforms Piedmont’s Data Analytics System

Reduction in harm and rise in quality of care as Piedmont Healthcare places Exasol at the heart of data analytics

Non-profit organization Piedmont Healthcare has employed the services of Exasol, provider of one of the world’s fastest in-memory analytic databases, to facilitate its ambitious growth plan and transform their data analytics. Piedmont Healthcare saw some 2 million patients in 2016 alone, and, while embracing the addition of three new hospitals, the healthcare provider turned to Exasol to overcome issues associated with its expansion and vast data sets.

Within the first year of integrating Exasol, which replaced Piedmont’s previous system as the primary data repository, Piedmont Healthcare operated with a staggering 40 per cent reduction in patient harm. Moreover, patient satisfaction was improved, as was general care quality.

One application of the new system assessed infection data, which was analysed to detect whether infections originated within the hospital. With the benefit of this information, several Piedmont Hospitals were able to register 0 per cent infection rates across the year.

Exasol allows data to be retrieved more quickly than any other data base, giving professionals the ability to seek immediate answers to pressing questions, which had previously taken hours of data processing to obtain. This time was then repurposed by Piedmont Healthcare to find solutions to problems and improve patient healthcare.

Due to the rapidly increased speed and ease at which data can be accessed, analysed and understood, Exasol has facilitated corroboration between healthcare professionals and immediate access to a wealth of systematic information, which will continue to support Piedmont throughout its growth.

Mark Jackson, Director of BI at Piedmont Healthcare said, “By placing Exasol at the beating heart of our analytics we have seen significant improvements, not only to the organizations bottom line, but to the satisfaction and safe delivery of our services to patients. Internally, it is also helping Piedmont staff deliver a better service, increase productivity and this results in a happier working environment.”

“For me personally, it has taken a lot of stress out of the day to day. When we need answers, we can get them in near-real time. We can trust in Exasol to deliver results, at speed and are confident in its ability to scale for our future. Working life has much-improved since we implemented Exasol.”