hc1.com Launches hc1 ProviderView™, Enabling Profitable Growth Through Analysis of Live Provider Relationships and Behaviors


hc1 ProviderView™ Available for Demo at HIMSS Booth 6779, Kiosk 02  Located in the Clinical and Business Intelligence Knowledge Center

hc1.com, inventor of the world’s leading healthcare relationship management (HRM) platform, announced the debut of its new hc1 ProviderView™ solution to be officially unveiled at HIMSS 2017 in Orlando, Fla. hc1 ProviderView offers instant insight into live provider relationships and behaviors, enabling healthcare organizations to grow profitably, provide amazing service, and deliver exceptional quality with the secure, cloud-based hc1 healthcare relationship management platform.

hc1 ProviderView continuously integrates, connects, and enhances billions of claims, prescription, and live clinical data to display a complete picture of provider behaviors within the industry-leading hc1 healthcare CRM. Healthcare organizations can utilize this actionable insight to better serve the needs of patient populations and improve sales and marketing programs to increase the growth of profitable service lines.

For example, a healthcare organization aiming to grow its outreach volume by increasing specific types of referrals can leverage hc1 ProviderView to instantly identify physician ordering patterns and insurance coverage in their target area and work with those providers to begin providing services. Through this precise market understanding, healthcare organizations can make informed decisions to capture profitable volume that would otherwise be lost.

“Healthcare is an extremely competitive industry that is experiencing a reduction in fee-for-service payments and an increased need to proactively demonstrate quality. In order to thrive, healthcare organizations need access to comprehensive, actionable insight on provider behaviors and relationships to meet the evolving needs of their patient populations and succeed financially,” said Brad Bostic, CEO of hc1.com. “hc1 ProviderView is the only solution to offer live analysis of provider relationships and behavior coupled with historical data, fueling profitable growth, amazing service, and the highest level of quality for healthcare organizations.”

hc1 ProviderView makes its debut at the HIMSS Conference & Exposition and will be available for a live demo on Monday February 20 at 1:30 pm ET at Booth 6779 Kiosk 02 in the Clinical and Business Intelligence Knowledge Center at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. hc1.com will also be at HIMSS Booth 6493 demonstrating its award-winning healthcare relationship management platform.