hc1.com® Partners with ELLKAY, Accelerating Healthcare CRM & Analytics Data Integration

Credit: hc1.com

hc1.com, inventor of the world’s leading healthcare relationship management platform, has partnered with healthcare connectivity provider ELLKAY. ELLKAY’s 25+ years of connectivity experience coupled with hc1’s platform capabilities enables health systems and labs to unify and leverage data to personalize the healthcare experience faster than ever before.

ELLKAY is a nationwide leader in providing healthcare connectivity solutions and services to diagnostic laboratories, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations. ELLKAY’s integration core competency and technology further accelerate time-to-value for hc1.com clients by quickly consolidating data silos into unified hc1 patient and provider profiles to drive action and accountability.

“Healthcare organizations must have a clear, consolidated view of their customers to succeed in today’s value-based care paradigm,” said Brad Bostic, founder and CEO of hc1.com. “Historically, over burdened IT organizations and antiquated IT systems have prevented healthcare leaders from realizing their service goals. hc1 combines previously disconnected data into customer profiles to automatically drive personalized engagement. By partnering with ELLKAY, our clients gain an attractive option for tapping into their data assets to fuel hc1 more quickly and cost effectively than ever.”

The hc1 – ELLKAY partnership will power data integration across health system and laboratory solutions. Three key lab-specific solutions benefiting from the value of the partnership are lab performance transparency, test delay notifications and quality events management.