Hawaii Health Information Exchange First to Integrate with IllumiCare’s Smart Ribbon® to Aid in More Informed Medical Decision Making

Largest hospital in Honolulu spearheads bringing the information exchange to the platform, giving clinicians quick access to the most complete patient history available

IllumiCare today announces the launch of the Hawai‘i Health Information Exchange (HHIE) app onto its Smart Ribbon platform deployed at The Queen’s Medical Center (Queen’s), the largest private non-profit hospital in Honolulu.  Other deployments in Hawai‘i will soon follow.

HHIE is a data exchange that consolidates clinical data from every major Hawai‘i health system.  It empowers providers to prevent redundant care and have a holistic view of care when making treatment decisions.  IllumiCare’s Smart Ribbon hovers over and automatically maintains patient context with any electronic medical record (EMR).  It reduces the number of clicks providers must make to access key clinical information.

“As Hawaii’s designated health information exchange, with over 1,300 providers who are registered users, we are excited to find an EHR agnostic platform that embeds HHIE into the clinical workflow and reduces the number of required clicks to access our community health record, affording providers easier access to our rich clinical data,” said Francis Chan, HHIE Chief Executive Officer.

Clinicians at Queen’s now have access to the most holistic view of healthcare history available on a patient, including admissions, laboratory, pathology, radiology and more, from 22 Hawaii hospitals. This improved visibility assists clinicians in deciding the next step in treatment and can prevent a repetitive and unnecessary test order. IllumiCare’s Smart Ribbon is proven to reduce the overutilization and spend on labs, tests and medications, helping to curb the trend of overtreatment in the United States, where even physicians say that 22 percent of medications and 25 percent of tests are unnecessary.

“This new app amplifies the ability of the health information exchange to aid in clinical coordination by bringing the patient data easily to the forefront during decision making,” said G.T. LaBorde, CEO of IllumiCare. “Not only does this make it more efficient by avoiding logging in and out of multiple places to obtain medical history, but it ensures it is utilized  so providers can make more judicious decisions based on previous care about tests ordered and medications prescribed in an era of overprescribing and overutilization.”

To learn more about the app and the Smart Ribbon, visit www.illumicare.com.