Franciscan Health Moves to the Innovaccer Health Cloud to Support Patient-Centered, Value-Based Care


Large Midwest health system turns to the Innovaccer platform to help integrate data and create unified patient records that support health management and engagement

Franciscan Health, a 12-hospital system with facilities in Indiana and Illinois, is moving to the Innovaccer® Health Cloud to enhance risk-based contract performance and to launch a next-generation experience platform to deliver sophisticated customer and patient relationship management strategies.

Franciscan Health is leveraging the Innovaccer Health Cloud’s Data Activation Platform to integrate patient records across their employed physician network and affiliated providers. This includes Franciscan’s Epic Electronic Health Record (EHR) and non-Epic community based EHRs, claims, Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP), Indiana Health Information Exchange (IHIE), practice management systems, Surescripts systems and consumer data, all in support of the health system’s population health and value-based care strategies. Additionally, Franciscan is leveraging the Innovaccer Health Cloud’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to reimagine their consumer and patient experience strategy.

By integrating all its data into a unified patient record, Franciscan will be able to support its initial focus of using advanced analytics to identify leading indicators that can help the system better manage risk and care quality. Additionally, the ability to stratify patient populations based on risk will help improve its Medicare Risk Adjustment (RAF) and quality scores, while helping reduce readmissions and improve efficiency.

“Innovaccer brings together all of the data that exists in various information technology silos across our health system, giving us a true enterprise-wide unified patient record,” said Randy Moore, MD, Chief Operating Officer at Franciscan Health. “We can leverage that unified patient record using Innovaccer’s population health and value-based care solutions to proactively identify patients most in need of an intervention, and give our care teams the analytics and seamless workflows they need to support coordinated care efforts. In the future, the Innovaccer Health Cloud can be used to support strategies such as reducing sepsis infections and accelerating meaningful reductions in readmissions.”

Like many provider organizations today, Franciscan Health has “data islands” with patient information scattered across myriad systems, care settings, and physical locations. The Innovaccer Health Cloud’s unified data model will help Franciscan Health quickly bridge those data islands, creating a single source of clinical and financial truth about the patient. Now the health system’s clinicians will be empowered with holistic insights that help them support the highest quality patient-centered care, while reducing costs and delivering exceptional patient experiences.

Bringing data together from across multiple systems and physical locations is very challenging,” Moore said. “But Innovaccer makes that integration possible, and quickly provides a unified patient record at the point of care that can help us drive better care protocols, improve care management and coordination, and boost efficiency to improve both clinical and business outcomes. It’s a true game changer for accelerating transformation.”

Key to improved performance is using the unified patient record to enhance operations with deep insights generated by applying advanced analytics to data on the Innovaccer Health Cloud. Innovaccer’s customizable dashboards will provide Franciscan with actionable, near-real-time, comprehensive drill-down analysis of quality, cost, utilization, and risk trends. 

Franciscan Health will also use the Innovaccer Health Cloud’s unified patient record to take consumer experience to the next level, providing person-centric, unified “one-to-one journeys” that support new patient growth, frictionless care coordination, and lifetime patient retention. With the inclusion of curated consumer data, the Innovaccer Health Cloud will accelerate the creation of a 360-degree view of a person’s health.

This unique approach will empower Franciscan Health to engage consumers at both the early, mid, and late stages of their individual health journey—from first point-of-contact through life. Marketing and experience teams can orchestrate appointments easily, as well as monitor communications and feedback consistently. Moreover, they can create personalized care paths (e.g., cardiac, diabetes, etc.) that drive outreach at the most critical health moments by engaging high-risk consumers through call, chat, text, and email. 

“Our partnership with Innovaccer will help us go beyond historical customer relationship management (CRM) that is predominantly marketing focused,” said Michael Shepherd, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations at Franciscan Health. “We are literally redefining the industry’s view of consumer centricity with the Innovaccer Health Cloud to achieve new levels of excellence in multidisciplinary, person-centric care. By modernizing our digital focus, we can improve a person’s health beyond just care quality and patient satisfaction, unifying the entirety of an individuals’ journey from first marketing contact through life. At the end of the day, Innovaccer’s fully integrated and standardized approach to customer relationship management will help us improve performance and achieve our growth strategies.”