Franciscan Alliance’s Partnership with Innovaccer Yields $2.2 Million in Value

Indiana-based multi-specialty physician network is using the Innovaccer platform to reduce readmissions, automate ED transition workflows, and improve the patient experience to provide convenient and comprehensive care

Franciscan Alliance, one of the largest Catholic healthcare systems in the Midwest, is using the Innovaccer platform and its full stack of solutions—Care Management, Patient 360, Population Health Management, and Physician Engagement—to implement customizable polypharmacy protocols to manage high-risk prescriptions and automated strategies to reduce readmissions, hospital stays, and emergency room visits, ultimately improving the continuity of care for each patient.

As a result, Franciscan Alliance generated $2.2 million in value across multiple Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans. The health network leveraged the Innovaccer platform to integrate clinical and claims data into a unified patient record, and used Innovaccer’s advanced analytics to identify leading indicators that help them better manage risk and quality of care.

Also, the health network is using Innovaccer’s comprehensive care management solution to embed automated, smart pre-visit planning and polypharmacy protocols to deliver comprehensive, coordinated care. Innovaccer’s population health management solution suite is being used to improve clinical processes and streamline operations across Franciscan’s physician ambulatory network.

Innovaccer’s EHR-agnostic physician engagement solution enabled superior collaboration among stakeholders, medical coders, and providers to streamline coding processes. With seamless integration into an affiliated group’s familiar EHR clinical workflows, Franciscan simplified the process of dropping HCC code identification at the point of care for them with advanced risk adjustment analytics that used historical claims and clinical data. This enabled Franciscan’s affiliate to achieve a 2.8% improvement in coding gap closure rate across populations. The automated coding processes helped Franciscan realize $312,000 in value.

In addition, Franciscan implemented pre-visit planning protocols to improve providers’ ability to accurately address patients’ needs and prevent downstream utilization such as inpatient visits. Multi-disciplinary engagement pre-visit helped Franciscan save $481,000 for its MSSP population and $388,000 for its Medicare Advantage population. During the same period, Franciscan was able to avoid a total of 75 IP visits across mentioned populations.

Innovaccer’s data-driven and automated emergency department (ED) transitions protocol empowered Franciscan’s care teams to streamline ED discharge planning and deliver expedient follow up care for ED patients. Automated alerts helped Franciscan nurses perform timely outreach, record care episodes, and reduce expected ED/k from 2,582 to 1,573.

And lastly, polypharmacy protocols enabled its primary-care-embedded clinical ambulatory pharmacists to track medication plans for multiple comorbid risk populations and maintain continuous engagement with patients post-discharge, reducing avoidable risks. A total of 493 successful targeted polypharmacy protocols helped Franciscan generate over $985k in savings across populations.