Former Virgin Mobile USA Pioneers Launch Mast, Solving The Costly, Inefficient Two-Phone Headache

The days of carrying two phones are over; Mast allows users to seamlessly go back and forth between two active numbers on one phone

Today, Mast is launching a mobile business communications platform that gives employees the freedom and flexibility they need to be productive. People are mobile both in and out of the office and Mast provides a mobile-first solution that is simple and cost-effective. This innovative platform gives each employee one device with separate work and personal numbers, and privacy on their personal usage. Mast eliminates under-used desk phones and other services to provide cost savings to the business, and simplifies mobility management processes. Now that employees can carry just one phone that has two numbers, and the personal number is entirely free and private, Mast is a breath of fresh air for users, and a powerful ally to businesses with an eye on their bottom line. The company is also announcing today that it has received over $7 million in funding from lead investor FirstMark Capital, along with DFJ, Eniac Ventures, Harrison Metal, HMM Investors, and Initialized Ventures.

Watch how Mast works:

Until now, people have attempted to work around the problem of having more than one phone by forwarding calls from one mobile phone to another, juggling multiple devices, or carrying just one personal phone for both work and personal use. However, these approaches are riddled with complications. Even Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, whereby employees use their own personal mobile phone line for both work and personal purposes, cause as many problems as they solve, including significant hidden costs in support, the reimbursement process and the inevitable work-personal communication mix-ups (Oops! Sorry, Hillary).  Mast provides a flexible new option that gives employees a choice while increasing productivity and giving companies the control they need.

Mast lets employees work dynamically both inside and outside the office exactly the way they want,” said Mast CEO and co-founder, David Messenger. “People are already trying to work this way, but they’re compromised and productivity ultimately suffers. Mast gives employees the control and privacy they crave, and businesses an inexpensive solution that boosts employee performance and enhances insights.”

Mast works directly with employers, and enables them to pay only for business use. In turn, employees using Mast have the flexibility to cover the cost of additional data and device upgrades for personal use. Companies can access call and sales data from a user’s work number directly into Salesforce, ensuring that insights don’t walk out the door on an employee’s personal phone. Any activity on the personal number remains completely private because it is linked to a personal account with Mast.


“Each individual on the Mast team brings a deep appreciation and knowledge for how to improve mobile productivity in the workplace,” said Rick Heitzmann, founder and managing director of FirstMark Capital. “With Mast it’s a win-win for everyone – mobile phones become a more valuable tool for business use, and employees benefit from having greater privacy and a free personal number.”

Mast features include:

  • One phone with two numbers: Users are given two separate numbers for work and personal use, and can easily port in their existing personal number to the personal line.

  • Do Not Disturb mode for either of your numbers: The ability to control when work or personal contacts can reach you.

  • Always use the right number: Users can automatically call contacts using the number they know.

  • Unbroken productivity: Mast will replace a damaged or lost device overnight.

  • Free unlimited personal talk and text: Personal usage is free and the company pays for the work number.

  • Privacy on your personal number: Users can view personal calls and text messages.

  • Access to the latest smartphones: The latest iPhones are available to rent at a fraction of the purchase price.

  • Device rental: Users can receive a new model every year.

For employees, Mast is the tool they need to manage their work and personal lives in a more seamless, integrated way that enables them to further adapt to the connected era. Mast empowers a new generation of high achievers to balance their commitments to company, community and family.

For businesses, Mast reduces inefficiencies and the costs associated with getting employees set up with a phone line. Once a company account is created, an employee can be added to the system in less than a minute and receive the new device within 24 hours. With Mast, companies put an end to expensive landline phone systems, analyzing cellular expense reports, confusing phone trees, and missed calls.