Five Wishes Announces New Digital Advance Directive – One Document for Life


Five Wishes, Digital Powered by Vynca, Offers a Streamlined Approach to Accessing and Amending End-of-Life Care Preferences

Five Wishes, an advance care planning program (ACP), has partnered with Vyncaa provider of serious illness care, palliative care solutions and advance care planning, to offer Five Wishes Digital, a new lifetime product available for consumers, medical providers, and business partners for advance care planning.

Five Wishes Digital, as its name implies, is a fully digital version of the popular Five Wishes advance directive. It is executed online with digital signing and witnessing options and allows individuals to utilize the offering as many times as they would like to make edits, print, and share with a single purchase that never expires. Documents are stored on the Vynca platform and accessible when and where people need them most and at all times. 

“The past two years have shown that individuals, families, and the medical community are looking for more digital options to ensure that patient wishes are known and documented,” said Joanne Eason, president of Five Wishes. “The Five Wishes Digital solution simplifies the process of signing, witnessing, and scanning documents back into a system to allow for upload in medical records. And, it allows individuals to have one home for their advance directive, making it easier to edit and share.”

For 25 years, the Five Wishes advance care planning program – with its foundation being the Five Wishes advance directive – has become the most used ACP program because it relates to people, as it was the first to allow individuals to detail their personal, emotional, and spiritual wishes as well as medical and legal needs. It is written in everyday language making it easy to understand. In addition to the new digital version, the Five Wishes paper version is still available for purchase.

The Five Wishes Digital product will be embedded in Vynca’s end-to-end solution that supports healthcare organizations in implementing and scaling high-quality advance care planning so that every person’s care preferences are known and honored at the end of life. Partnering with over 80 hospitals, as well as health plans, ACOs, and state registries, these organizations are realizing the full potential of a digital offering in terms of providing higher quality of care at the end of life and the avoidance of unwanted health care interventions.

“Vynca is thrilled to partner with Five Wishes to offer Five Wishes Digital, a fully automated version of the organization’s advance directive offering,” said Ryan Van Wert, MD, CEO of Vynca. “Through this close collaboration, more providers, caregivers, and people facing serious illnesses will benefit from a simple, streamlined approach to completing and accessing advance care preferences.”

Five Wishes advance care planning resources have been distributed by over 40,000 organizations and have reached over 40 million individuals. It has grown into a comprehensive program with robust tools for healthcare providers, businesses, communities, as well as individuals, and families. 

“Over the past two decades Five Wishes has helped millions of people gain peace of mind and make important healthcare decisions in a way that is understandable and meaningful to them,” said Eason. “Combined with Vynca’s technology, we can offer a digital solution to make advance care planning even easier.”