Figure 1 Unveils Next Generation of Medical Case Sharing & Education Platform for Healthcare Professionals

Transforming healthcare with world’s largest digital community for peer-to-peer collaboration and new and improved features that give providers more control over content

Figure 1, a Toronto-based healthcare technology company, has announced the launch of their next generation case-based knowledge-sharing platform with a new and improved user interface that enables a highly personalized user experience for Health Care Professional (HCP) members.

Josh Wildstein, CEO of Figure 1 said,“Our medical cases cannot be found in textbooks and cannot be replicated at scale. Healthcare professionals from all over the world contribute to the collective knowledge on Figure 1. It’s real-cases with real-time discussions, generated by providers for providers on the frontlines of healthcare.”

Figure 1 is transforming healthcare by uniting frontline HCPs around the globe to view, share, and discuss real-world, real-time medical cases to empower better diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes. The secure, case-based knowledge-sharing and education platform represents the world’s largest community of 2.96 million Healthcare Professional-members across 190 countries and the largest database of 100 thousand real-world medical cases.

The platform seamlessly integrates essential learning modalities (visual, aural, intersocial, and intrapersonal) to meet the needs of the busy clinician. Learning and knowledge-sharing on Figure 1 are designed to be active, fast-paced, and impactful, and patient-centered. HCPs can engage with Figure 1 on-the-go with an updated mobile app for iOS and Android or web app experience on a laptop or desktop, providing an invaluable resource for any HCP to have in their back pocket. The new upgraded platform preserves the original case-based model, but now with an easier to use, intuitive interface and content personalization features that put the entire Figure 1 library and knowledge-base at the HCP member’s fingertips.

According to Figure 1 member data, 40% of HCPs who were unable to solve patient cases on their own find a resolution through peer-to-peer crowdsourcing on Figure 1.

HCPs can select medical cases and other content personalized for their specialty, needs, and interests. Members will now have the ability to follow and filter specialty-specific channels such as Primary Care, Oncology/Hematology, Dermatology, Rheumatology, Cardiology, and Neurology, (and more), to further customize their user experience (UX).

Industry trends and current events such as COVID are driving the rapid innovation of digital health solutions to tackle the problem of physician burnout, meet clinicians’ needs for continuing education and enable peer-to-peer clinical decision support. A Stanford Medicine’s 2020 Health Trends Report highlights the rise of the data-driven physician and found nearly half of all physicians (47%) and three-quarters of medical students (73%) said that they are currently seeking out additional training or classes to better prepare themselves for innovations in health care.

“From early career to seasoned providers, HCPs hunger for better, more effective ways to keep their finger on the pulse of medicine. From clinical decision support to education, Figure 1 allows HCPs to share and learn from top medical professionals from esteemed universities and institutions with the modern digital tools that support their incredibly busy lifestyle,” Wildstein said.

Figure 1 is a secure platform that protects patient privacy with built-in patient consent forms, face blocking features, manual image editing, and a 24-hour case moderation team. HCPs can share and react to cases with confidence within a secure platform among a community of their professional colleagues. For current members, the transition to the new platform will be seamless, only requiring them to login. An improved case posting process allows members to easily share without the risk of exposing the patient’s personally identifiable information.

In addition to the medical case sharing aspect of the platform, Figure 1 has launched a Continuing Medical Education (CME) certification and Education Center so that members can earn credits at their own pace and test their knowledge through state-of-the-art interactive content. Content partners include leading medical institutions and organizations such as Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Cochrane UK, Houston Methodist, Cleveland Clinic and others.

Founded in 2013 as the first-to-market peer-to-peer knowledge sharing healthtech startup and touted as the “Instagram for Doctors”, Figure 1 is funded by some of the world’s leading venture capital firms including Union Square Ventures, Version One Ventures, Kensington Capital Partners, Samsung Next and Manulife