Feel Therapeutics Unveils a Wearable Device Paired with AI for Emotional & Mental Health


Offering passive and personalized monitoring for mental health 24/7/365

Feel Therapeutics, a digital precision medicine company focus on mental and behavioral health, has brought the Feel Monitor to market. This cutting-edge wearable device paired with AI sets a new standard in mental health monitoring, crafted in compliance with the FDA’s QMSR for medical devices.

Mental health disorders, particularly anxiety and depression, have surged to unprecedented levels. The demand for mental health support has likewise increased rapidly, prompting a need for objective measurement in a field traditionally reliant on subjective self-reported questionnaires.

“At Feel Therapeutics, we build technology that understands people’s emotional and mental health. Our new wearable device is the culmination of cutting-edge sensor technology, paired with AI, to provide real-time actionable insights that will enable people to receive personalized support and care when they need it the most” emphasized Haris Tsirmpas, PhD, co-founder, and CTO of Feel Therapeutics.

Feel Monitor distinguishes itself from other wearable devices through its sophisticated sensor technology and algorithmic and AI capabilities. Five sensors, including continuous Electrodermal Activity and Photoplethysmography sensors, passively and continuously monitor indicators associated with changes in mood, stress, sleep, psychomotor activity, and other key aspects of mental health.

At the same time, through their advanced emotion and mental health  AI platform, they are enabling personalized, data-driven interventions and support for enhanced patient outcomes. By leveraging digital, behavioral, and physiological data in the era of multimodal GEN AI, Feel will enable Personal Mental Health LLM models to deliver personalized emotional well-being coaching and support in the near future.

In a significant shift within the wearable landscape, Feel goes beyond physical health to focus on the next frontier of wearable AI for mental health. Backed by a number of peer-reviewed publications and tens of studies with thousands of participants, Feel has demonstrated the effectiveness of its platform to detect digital biomarkers for mental health based on physiological and behavioral data. The company was recently granted a second patent from the USPTO for its Emotion AI technology and has several more coming up in therapeutic areas, such as Depression, Anxiety, Sleep Disorders, and ADHD.

George Eleftheriou, CEO of Feel Therapeutics, says, “Our wearable AI for mental health – utilizing physiological inputs from the new Feel Monitor – is a true differentiator in the market and brings us a step closer to our mission to reinvent the way we diagnose, manage, and care for mental health. Similar to what we do in other medical fields like diabetes or heart disease, through continuous and passive monitoring, we will be able to deliver personalized interventions and support for mental health in the near future.