eVisit Launches New Mobile Web Experience


eVisit recently launched a new Mobile Web experience, enabling patients to connect to virtual visits with their providers without the added steps of downloading a mobile app, reducing friction points for patients and simplifying healthcare delivery. The new technology enables virtual visits on the HIPAA-compliant eVisit Virtual Care platform with all the same functionality and user experience of the mobile app, eliminating barriers of access for virtual care and speeding patient-provider connections.

The Mobile Web experience is well suited for patients who don’t want or are unable to install a native app on their mobile device or those that are less tech savvy with little experience downloading apps from the iTunes and Google Play stores, or in maintaining app updates.

Mobile Web is available on mobile devices including smartphones and tablets supporting the Safari browser for iOS and Google Chrome browser for Android operating systems. The eVisit mobile app continues to be available for custom-branded applications and general use for its enterprise customers.  

“Our native mobile app was one of our first offerings, and we committed to release mobile web apps as soon as the WebRTC video standard was sufficiently stable, and prevalent, on major mobile browsers. That time has come,” said Miles Romney, co-founder and CTO of eVisit. “As a leader in enabling virtual care for the largest hospitals and health systems in the U.S., access is everything. eVisit delivers remote care, which is healthcare, and it must be integrated with in-person care, bringing patients and care teams together wherever they are. So, moving in and out of the eVisit Virtual Care platform needs to be effortless with a range of access points supporting desktop and mobile devices.”

Romney added, “When a person needs care, the last thing we want to do is add more stress to the situation. So, our aim is easy access to the eVisit Virtual Care platform to accelerate patient and provider connections.”

This announcement follows on the heels of eVisit’s launch last month of ExpressVisit, which allows providers to connect to their patients with a single click and is ideal for patient care engagements not requiring patient registration or intake such as for postoperative follow-ups, lab test results or image reviews, and other quick visits and patient-provider touchpoints.

With eVisit’s mission to simplify healthcare delivery to everyone, everywhere, these two new features of the eVisit Virtual Care platform showcase the SaaS telehealth company’s commitment to expanding access to virtual care with a range of visit types and access methods supporting desktop and mobile devices.