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February 1, 2016 - February 3, 2016

Why this medical device marketing and sales conference?

Conference Host Joe Hage

1. This will be about learning strategies you’ll actually use when you get home. Not about Twitter and other nonsense you probably don’t need.
2. Unlike competitive conferences, we will not have speakers from Medtronic and other “big name” device companies – because their stories won’t help you sell more. Instead, we feature the speakers who are called in to make “big name” companies be more successful.
3. This will be the most effective and efficient way to learn what you need. You’ll get months of learning in two days.

So if you want to learn strategies you can use, from speakers who make your competitors successful: Join us.

MDMS, the Executive Education Program for Medical Device Marketing and Sales Professionals, is the only medical device marketing and sales conference actually led by medical device marketing and sales professionals.

For background, I specialize in marketing communications and strategy, lead generation, and website development for medical device and related companies. I lead the Medical Devices Group, the world’s largest medical device community with 300,000 members, and before that was Director of Marketing Communications for a $200-million publicly traded medical device company.

I believe this:
You may work for the best medical device company. You may have gone to the best schools. But if you’re not using today’s proven strategies to market and sell healthcare solutions, you’re doing your business a disservice.

I know you intend to read some free materials online when have a chance. But when do you get that chance?

Make time now: It’s two days and I’m bringing the most qualified professionals – to whom I routinely refer clients – to give you the strategies and tactics you need to beat your competition in the marketplace.

We have 16 topics including Obamacare’s impact on your selling strategies, reimbursement, online marketing (websites, Google rankings, analytics, social media), distribution and partnerships, big data, the profit potential from inside sales, and much more.

Join us to sell more device and combination products to physicians, hospitals, and consumers. And, if you sell services to medical device manufacturers, we’ll show you proven strategies that work today.



CAMLS, the Center for Advanced Medical Simulation and Training
1 (1)University of South Florida Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation (CAMLS) is a state-of-the art healthcare simulation and training center housed in an impressive three-story 90,000 square foot facility located in Downtown Tampa.

CAMLS provides world-class health education and professional development by combining cutting-edge simulation, training, research, education, and innovation. CAMLS provides ample space for every possible form of healthcare education all under one roof.

CAMLS encompasses the entire spectrum of healthcare training by offering a comprehensive menu of healthcare training services and curriculum development in simulation technology, healthcare team performance training, and professional development.

Innovative approaches to transforming healthcare training and evaluation exemplify CAMLS devotion to delivering world-class training.

And a personal note from Joe,
“CAMLS is reason enough to attend this event. We’ve included a tour of the facility on the program. They have a “war room” to mimic conditions of a sweltering, loud emergency military operation. They have rooms set up to mimic a doctor’s office.

You’ll be inspired by the facility and may choose to bring your customers there one day to demonstrate your innovations.”