Enabled Healthcare Launches Hybrid Clinic to Help Patients with Complex Needs to Age in Place Through Comprehensive Health Monitoring


Enabled is open to patients in-person and virtually in Washington state

Enabled Healthcare, a company that provides health monitoring and comprehensive healthcare to patients on Medicare or Medicaid with chronic conditions, is officially enrolling patients in the State of Washington. Enabled’s goal is to help seniors age in place and stay healthy in assisted living facilities, residential care facilities, and at home. 

Enabled is able to begin seeing patients in-person in Snohomish, Seattle, and Spokane, and provide virtual care for patients that live in rural areas of Washington, or those in central Washington. Enabled is offering in-person initial evaluations and consultations to patients in assisted living facilities in select locations and will open to patients in Hawaii in June. 

“Our mission is to improve the lives of patients who have a hard time getting to their physician due to geography, disability, or transportation issues. As a cardiologist that manages the health of older patients with chronic disease, I have witnessed first hand the challenges that patients and their families have, especially those who may need extra assistance at home or those in assisted or residential living facilities. We aim to provide comprehensive care to patients and serve as a patient’s advocate and safety net, while coordinating seamlessly with patients’ existing support network including their families and existing care providers,” said Bethany Doran, MD, MPH, Founder of Enabled Healthcare. 

The company is uniquely positioned to transform the quality of care for older patients with chronic disease who have trouble leaving their care facility or homes. They provide monitoring equipment that allows easy monitoring of patients’ health and feature caring physicians who get to know patients on a personal level and assist them on their health journey. The clinic excels at managing complex and chronic conditions and working with existing primary care doctors or specialists to develop personalized care plans to monitor patients’ health and most services are covered under patients’ existing insurance carriers, including Medicare and Medicaid. The service is free for organizations such as assisted living facilities and residential care facilities. 

Led by a team of doctors and specialists, the clinic aspires to provide the highest quality of whole-person care for patients and meet them where they are geographically, spiritually, and emotionally and feature a combination of in person assessments, and virtual visits to manage health. They have a virtual wellness coach who has experience helping patients with mindfulness and adaptive yoga techniques and offer these classes to their members.

One of the most common causes of unnecessary emergency room visits is due to a lack of an established primary care doctor. Enabled works closely with patients’ existing primary care or specialty providers to act as a safety net for patients with chronic disease when they can’t get an immediate appointment—and provide peace of mind for the patients and their loved ones. 

Once a patient is referred to Enabled—either through a community partner or self-referral— they will codevelop a comprehensive healthcare plan, and Enabled will provide the patient with the appropriate home monitoring equipment. Enabled actively monitors vitals and its team is available virtually for any needs. Once a month, patients have an in-person check-in with a member of the team. 

In select locations, Enabled will also be partnering with companies that can perform mobile radiology services to offer x-rays, ultrasounds, EKGs and Holter monitors from the comfort of a patients’ rooms. 

Enabled is currently accepting Medicare, Medicaid, and self-pay. If you’d like to learn more about Enabled’s services, and how to enroll yourself or your loved one with an in-person or virtual consultation, please visit www.enabled.healthcare for more information.