eHealth Exchange Processing over One Billion Transactions per Month


New Milestone Achieved as eHealth Exchange Intends To Apply To Become a TEFCA Qualified Health Information Network

eHealth Exchange, one of the nation’s largest health information networks connecting federal agencies and healthcare providers, announced that May 2022 marks the first month that the eHealth Exchange Hub platform surpassed 1 billion requests processed.

eHealth Exchange’s Hub provides network members with a single application programming interface (API) for connectivity. This enables members to interoperate with five federal agencies and the nation’s leading health systems, pharmacies, regional and state health information exchanges, medical groups, dialysis centers, and others to reduce information sharing expenses and complexities.

“The platform reduces the burdens of health information exchange on healthcare facilities, meaning these facilities can enhance patient-centric services easily and reliably,” said Jay Nakashima, executive director of eHealth Exchange. “After near misses for months, we are proud to have hit this important milestone and look forward to continuing to provide our network members with efficient and cost-effective interoperability.”

With 13 years of experience supporting large-scale health information exchange across a network of diverse participants, eHealth Exchange is ideally suited to be among the nation’s first Office of the National Coordinator’s (ONC’s) Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA) Designated Qualified Health Information Networks (QHINs). This experience includes support for more than 30 different electronic medical record technologies.

“The eHealth Exchange is a proven health information network with vast experience at a national scale,” continued Nakashima. “We anticipate a seamless addition of TEFCA to the exchange for network members that choose to opt-in when it becomes available.”