Dr. Shady Hassan, Co-Founder of Vocalis Health, Named to Globes ‘40 Under 40’ List 2020

Vocalis Health’s VocalisCheck COVID-19 screening tool analyzes voice recordings on any mobile device to assess a person’s risk of being COVID-19 positive.

Dr. Hassan recognized for driving forward innovation in vocal analysis technology for remote patient monitoring

Vocalis Health, a company pioneering AI-based vocal biomarkers for use in healthcare, today announced that Globes, Israel’s leading business daily financial newspaper has named Co-Founder, Chief Operating and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Shady Hassan, to its ’40 Under 40’ list for 2020. 

A graduate of the Technion Medical School, Dr. Hassan began his career as an internal medical physician. However, after a decade practicing medicine, Dr. Hassan realized he could leverage his combined interest in medicine and technology to help far more people.  

“While working at Carmel Medical Center, I found myself habitually listening to my patients’ voices to gauge the state of their health,” explained Dr. Hassan. “I realized that if I could quantify the data available in a patient’s voice, I could help millions of patients. Advances in artificial intelligence and vocal analysis technology made this possible.” 

Dr. Hassan began working on technology solutions that would disrupt healthcare delivery by providing vocal analysis solutions, driven by AI, to manage and predict health outcomes. His innovative approach, brought to life when he formed Vocalis Health in 2019, was first used to monitor patients with respiratory challenges and most recently, was adapted as a screening tool to assess COVID-19 risk based on a unique “vocal fingerprint.” 

Dr. Hassan’s company, Vocalis Health, which he founded along with Daniel Aronovich and Tal Wenderow, began with an investment from the aMoon Fund. Dr. Hassan has been at the forefront of the company’s development, having led the fundraising and business development, as well as spearheading the creation of new collaboration agreements, including with Mayo Clinic and other institutions, securing grants from the Israel Innovation Authority and managing the company’s clinical development programs. 

“We are extremely proud of Dr. Hassan for being recognized by Globes among a list of outstanding leaders within the Israeli tech ecosystem,” said Tal Wenderow, CEO of Vocalis Health. “Under Dr. Hassan’s leadership, we are building a world-class team to disrupt the way care is delivered – with the ability to passively analyze voice to detect health issues early and help screen, manage and predict health more effectively.”  

Since its inception, Vocalis Health has pioneered the AI-driven development of vocal biomarkers for use in healthcare for the screening, detection and monitoring of a variety of both acute and chronic voice-affecting health conditions. This non-invasive screening tool has implications across the healthcare spectrum – from the home and wellness market to hospital applications – and can be utilized for a range of diseases to assist physicians in making more educated and accurate clinical decisions.  

Prior to his work developing vocal analysis tools for health monitoring, Dr. Hassan worked as a senior physician at the Carmel Medical Center in Haifa. During his time at Carmel Medical Center, Dr. Hassan led significant changes that combined his interest in medicine and technology, including the implementation of a new Electronic Medical Record system throughout the hospital. 

Dr. Hassan transitioned from practicing medicine to become a MedTech entrepreneur. He studied Medical Device Development in Compliance with Current Regulatory Requirements at Tel Aviv University and took part in a Board of Directors and CEO Training and the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.  

Globes is one of the most influential and widely circulated business and financial newspapers in Israel. Its ’40 Under 40’ list recognizes forty of Israel’s most promising young individuals making a mark in the fields of high-tech, finance, health, public and social sectors, culture and more.