New Doximity Dialer Helps Doctors Call Patients

Free app saves 20min/day

More calls + more pickups = better care

Doximity, a leading medical network for physicians and advanced practice clinicians, today launched the Doximity Dialer app, a free communication tool that makes it easier for physicians to call their patients.

Studies have shown that phone communication with patients can reduce readmissions and increase patient satisfaction, but successfully connecting with patients can be challenging. Doctors are less likely to place calls to patients outside of the office, and if they do, patients are unlikely to answer calls from an unfamiliar number or if the caller ID displays “Unknown.”

With the Doximity Dialer app, physicians can call patients from their personal cell phone and the patient sees the doctor’s office as caller ID. Doctors can conveniently make calls when on-the-go and patients are more likely to pick up a call from a familiar number.

In a survey to physicians using the app, 74% of doctors strongly agreed that successfully reaching a patient via phone leads to better outcomes. The survey also showed, on average, with Doximity Dialer:

  • Doctors save 20 minutes per day successfully connecting with patients.
  • Doctors reach 6 or more patients per week by phone.
  • 5 more patients per week pick up their doctor’s call.

“In the past, when I’ve tried to call patients from a blocked number using *67, I am often unable to get in touch with them. With Doximity Dialer, I have seen a dramatic increase in patients answering my calls,” said Fatima Cody Stanford, MD, MPH, MPA, an Instructor of Medicine and Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School. “Doximity Dialer will have a large impact on medicine because it allows healthcare providers to maintain their privacy and still be readily responsive to patients.”

“We’re proud to help physicians ‘cut the cord’ and make urgent calls to patients from wherever they are,” said Jeff Tangney, Doximity’s CEO. “The fact that our pilot users are already making 5,000+ patient calls per day shows that we’ve addressed an unmet need.”

Any verified physician can download Doximity Dialer, for free, from the iTunes Store or Google Play. With this app at their fingertips, physicians can now reach their patients faster and more conveniently than ever before.

Learn more about Doximity Dialer here.