Doctors on Call, Cureatr Partner in Effort to Reduce New York Hospital Visits

Woman collapses in the East Village of New York.

Collaboration to improve care management, transitions of care, and prevent avoidable hospitalizations

Doctors on Call, a leading provider of in-home medical services throughout downstate New York, today announced the activation of Cureatr’s network of Care Transition Notifications™ (CTN) and care coordination platform, effective immediately.

Cureatr delivers real-time, actionable care-event based mobile alerts to healthcare providers. Through the use of Cureatr’s real-time CTN network, Doctors on Call physicians will now be immediately notified when patients have a care event, such as an Emergency Department visit or are discharged from the hospital.

“Most patients don’t realize that when they go to the emergency room, their doctors or care teams may be the last to find out – if at all,” says Dr. Paul Rosenstock, Chief Executive Officer and Medical Director of Doctors on Call. “With Cureatr, Doctors on Call physicians know exactly when their patients enter, or leave, the hospital in real-time. Doctors on Call is then able to offer both patients and emergency room physicians an alternative to  hospitalization or, if hospitalization is necessary, begin the discharge care plan immediately. We’re excited to be using Cureatr and look forward to seeing how our strengthened communication will lower readmission, and admission, rates, and ultimately improve the well-being of our patients.”

In addition to dramatically improving on the historically slow hospital discharge notification process, Cureatr’s platform facilitates a ‘high-touch’ method of treatment by keeping doctors connected and better informed with their patients’ care. Further, the platform will strengthen the overall ability to allocate healthcare resources in New York by helping physicians more quickly direct patients to non-emergent care settings.

“Doctors on Call has been a long-time provider of primary and critical care for patients across the New York City region and have been a fantastic customer,” said Joseph Mayer, MD, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Cureatr. “They are effectively utilizing all aspects of Cureatr’s CTNs and lightweight care coordination platform to improve their care transition and overall care management processes. We fully expect this collaboration to help prevent unnecessary hospital admissions for Doctors on Call patients.”

In 2012, of 300 practice applicants nationwide, DOC was the only practice in New York City to be selected to participate in the 3 year Independence at Home Demonstration Project of CMMI (“IAH”) specifically designed to improve the care of the homebound elderly.