Docola Inc Launches Patient Engagement Platform and Marketplace

New digital health solution, Docola, is slated to help healthcare providers educate and engage patients throughout the care continuum. Docola launches its platform at the Health 2.0 9th Annual Fall Meeting. The company was named as one of “The must see digital health start-up of 2015”

Docola Inc., a digital health patient engagement start-up, has been selected to launch at the Health 2.0 9th Annual Fall Meeting, October 7th at the Santa Clara Convention center. The event is one of a handful that bring together the entirety of the digital healthcare ecosystem, and Docola’s selection puts it on the map as one of a handful of companies changing the paradigm of patient education.

“It is an honor to be selected as one of ten companies to participate in the launch event. We’ve been working tirelessly to bring this to market, and we feel that both venue and timing could not be more perfect” said Eran Kabakov, co-founder and CEO of Docola.

When asked why he thought Docola was selected, Kabakov stated, “We produce huge time-savings for healthcare providers and, with the increasing squeeze on per patient reimbursement, time has quickly become the most precious commodity. Equally as important, Docola offers the first and largest open online marketplace for patient education materials, including those produced by companies, independent contractors, and even patients. Giving doctors access to a marketplace of content, and allowing them to curate and organize what is delivered to the patient, is a uniquely powerful concept. Organizers recognized that Docola is a simple but novel solution to one of healthcare’s biggest issues – and it power is in its simplicity.”

Digital health has been driving the conversation at healthcare conferences around the country, and venture capital funding for these companies has broken all records. In 2014 alone, $4.1B of total investment in healthcare was in the digital healthcare space.

Docola is launching its product to the US market, offering free accounts for healthcare providers, patients and content contributors. Docola’s marketplace is already the largest worldwide, with over 10,000 patient education videos and files.


About Docola

Docola believes that healthcare, at its core, is a conversation between a provider and patient. To optimize these interactions, Docola developed a proprietary patient education platform with a built-in marketplace. This platform enables healthcare providers to aggregate information from any source, combine this information into courses, prescribe these courses to patients, and track patient participation and comprehension. The service is offered free to all participants, including healthcare providers, patients and content providers. For more information visit or follow the company on Twitter @docolainc.