Dicom Systems and WinguMD Bring Photography and Documents Smoothly Into DICOM Conformance

Dicom Systems, Inc. and WinguMD will demonstrate the results of their strategic partnership at HIMSS’16 Conference and Exhibition in Las Vegas

Dicom Systems, Inc. (www.dcmsys.com), a Teleradiology interoperability expert, announced today its integration and partnership with WinguMD’s medical photography app ‘BodyMapSnap’. This partnership will deliver more comprehensive, real-time patient information consolidated in one place, enabling better clinical decision-making.

“We are particularly excited about this new partnership with a fellow Silicon Valley innovator, WinguMD,” said Florent Saint-Clair, Dicom Systems’ Executive Vice President. “Throughout our enterprise imaging deployments, we routinely get requests for handling scanned documents, pictures and videos created on mobile devices, to incorporate them within DICOM studies. Clinicians who rely upon visible light images captured during their patient encounters have been largely kept on the periphery of enterprise imaging because their workflows tend to deviate from conventional radiology or cardiology. By seamlessly incorporating images outside of the normal radiology scope, as well as documents within mainstream DICOM data flows, we can now serve a broader spectrum of clinical users, and ultimately reduce data fragmentation in Health IT.”

Through this alliance, Dicom Systems’ clients will be able to use WinguMD’s BodyMapSnap app to capture medical grade photos, documents and physical findings while maintaining HIPAA compliance and security integrity. This medically meaningful information will seamlessly – and immediately – integrate into existing EMR platforms, providing clinicians with superior documentation options and greater efficiency. By bypassing bottlenecks caused by labor-intensive digital cameras and scanners, Dicom Systems’ clients will reduce unnecessary capital equipment expenditures and complex interfaces.

“In today’s increasingly complex and time-strapped clinics, communicating visually is crucial to care success. Our partnership with Dicom Systems will aggressively simplify and accelerate how these visual findings are documented, exchanged and communicated,” said Manabu Tokunaga, CEO of WinguMD. “At WinguMD, we share Dicom Systems’ laser-focused determination to transform the way health care is practiced for better patient outcomes.”

To learn more about Dicom Systems’ and WinguMD’s partnership and to see a live demonstration, please visit Dicom System’s Booth 12132 at HIMSS16 Conference in Las Vegas.

About Dicom Systems
Trusted by top healthcare facilities, and delivering the most effective integrated workflow in digital imaging, Dicom Systems ensures that caregivers have the most reliable and immediate access to patient data across their Enterprise. Along with the DCMSYS ArcStore VNA and CloudVNA, the flagship DCMSYS Enterprise Imaging Unifier™ network appliance is a best-in-class device that facilitates imaging workflow automation and the connection of information repositories via a DICOM/HL7/FHIR/Scripting toolkit that can be administered remotely using a standard web browser. The DCMSYS Unifier™ streamlines and unifies communications between the various RIS/HIS/EMR/EHR/PACS vendors. For more information, please visit www.dcmsys.com.

About WinguMD
WinguMD offers meaningful medical collaboration tools that harness the power of mobile devices to make patients better, faster. With our BodyMapSnap app, care teams can take medical grade, HIPAA compliant and secure photos on smartphones and other mobile devices to accelerate diagnosis and treatment, while eradicating inefficiencies. Headquartered in Palo Alto, WinguMD is a member of the StartUp Health Academy with GE Ventures. Learn more at wingumd.com.