Diameter Health Selected as Amazon HealthLake Connector Partner

New collaboration transforms clinical data into FHIR standard format to help AWS customers, improving analytics, population health management, and care quality for healthcare organizations

Diameter Health, a fast-growing leader in health data interoperability and optimization, today announced that it has been selected by Amazon Web Services, Inc.  (AWS) as a Connector Partner for Amazon HealthLake, a HIPAA-eligible service that enables healthcare organizations to store, transform, query, and analyze health data at scale. As a Connector Partner, Diameter Health will provide AWS customers with a pre-built connector that normalizes and optimizes clinical data and transforms it in real-time into the standard Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) format.

Raw clinical data collected from Electronic Health Records (EHRs), Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), labs and other sources is frequently incomplete, inconsistent and unstructured, with information dispersed in different formats across different systems. Making this data usable for analytics, population health management and other transformational business use cases—Diameter Health’s technology mission—requires not only converting clinical data into FHIR format, but more importantly, normalizing and optimizing data to help drive new insights.

Once customer data is normalized, optimized and converted to FHIR by Diameter Health, it can be stored and analyzed via Amazon HealthLake.  This will provide customers with the capability to use raw clinical data and leverage specialized artificial intelligence capabilities and machine learning models to automatically extract meaningful medical information and provide powerful query and search capabilities. This enables healthcare organizations to conduct powerful clinical data analysis to understand relationships, identify trends and make better predictions from early detection of disease to population health trends—ultimately improving care and reducing costs.

Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services (MiHIN) and Velatura Public Benefit Corporation (Velatura) have partnered with Diameter Health to convert their clinical data into the FHIR format to support providers, health plans and the patients they serve.

“MiHIN/Velatura is committed to using the best technology to provide FHIR-enabled solutions for our customers,” said Timothy Pletcher, DHA, Executive Director at MiHIN. “That’s why we use Diameter Health’s technology to optimize and FHIR-enable health data at scale, and expect to be an early adopter of Amazon HealthLake to store, query and analyze health data in near real-time.”

“Diameter Health is excited to have been named a select Connector Partner for Amazon HealthLake to deliver FHIR-enabled and optimized data to AWS customers,” said Eric Rosow, Chief Executive Officer, Diameter Health. “By transforming the quality of clinical data using scalable technology, this approach will not only enable but also accelerate advanced analytics and, ultimately, improved patient care.”

“Data in the FHIR format facilitates the exchange of information so that it is easy for organizations and practitioners to collaborate, accelerate breakthroughs in treatments, and discover health trends in patient populations,” said Taha Kass-Hout, Director of Machine Learning at AWS. “With Diameter Health as an Amazon HealthLake Connector Partner, customers who do not already have data in the FHIR format can leverage Diameter’s offerings to transform existing healthcare data into FHIR format and move it to Amazon HealthLake. Customers can then use additional services such as Amazon QuickSight and Amazon SageMaker to better understand patient and population-level trends and help make accurate predictions about the progression of disease, the efficacy of clinical trials, and the eligibility of insurance claims.”