DeliverHealth’s Digital Health Platform Ranks No. 1 for Improving Patient Experience in KLAS 2022 Emerging Solutions Top 20 Report


The report verifies that DeliverHealth’s digital front door and omni-channel solutions play a critical role in improving patient, clinician and provider experience categorically across the Quadruple Aim

DeliverHealth‘s digital health platform has received high rankings in the 2022 KLAS Emerging Solutions Top 20 Report, including the top ranking in KLAS’s Improve Patient Experience category.

Built on its award-winning digital front door software and wrapped with a suite of omni-channel communication tools ranging from AI Virtual Assistant to Live Agent, the solution creates a one-of-a-kind user experience to enable Electronic Medical Record (EMR) functionality, scheduling, payment, telehealth visits, health risk assessments, patient monitoring, wayfinding, and more, in a single white-labeled, client-branded mobile application and web experience workflow.

The top 20 emerging solutions were selected by healthcare leaders across the country with the help of KLAS to find the solutions that have the greatest potential to disrupt the healthcare market. Solutions were rated by how well they could improve outcomes, reduce the cost of care, improve patient experiences, and improve clinician experiences, also known as the Quadruple Aim.

Notably, of the solutions considered by KLAS in relation to the Quadruple Aim, DeliverHealth ranked as the No. 1 solution for Improving Patient Experience, No. 4 for Improving Clinician Experience, tied at No. 6 for Improving Outcomes and tied at No. 9 for Reducing the Cost of Care — a testament to the company’s vision of simplifying the complexities in healthcare.

According to the report, one C-level executive noted being “very impressed” by DeliverHealth’s patient experience software, as “it wrapped functionality from several disparate solutions quite nicely, creating a seamless consumer experience.”

CEO of DeliverHealth Michael Clark said, “With 63% of patients now willing to leave their existing provider for one with a better digital experience, health systems have struggled to develop and execute holistic digital health strategies that unify the hundreds of available point solutions into a seamless consumer experience. DeliverHealth’s solutions integrator approach allows our clients to do just that, while our team of digital health consultants make sure our client’s people and processes are set up to drive adoption of their newly unified technologies. We’re proud to be recognized by KLAS as being on the forefront of digital health software and services and giving patients the tools they’ve been asking for while demonstrating the positive impact on clinicians, as our industry forges a new path toward digital-first care delivery models.”

The DeliverHealth Platform, with its mobile-focused capabilities, puts a clinical documentation and a coding ecosystem in the palms of a clinicians’ hands, providing quick access to transcription, scribing, translation services, coding audit workflows, and more. As the industry’s first true Digital Health Solutions Integrator, DeliverHealth incorporates into its digital front door omni-channel capabilities more than 30 point solutions and offers a team of adoption specialists to help customers create the healthcare ecosystem of the future, today. Earlier this year, those digital front door capabilities earned across-the-board A+ ratings from KLAS.

In KLAS’s Emerging Solutions Top 20 Report, another C-level executive mentioned that “any product [like DeliverHealth’s] that can bring together all the resources patients need into one platform is attractive to healthcare organizations trying to maintain a competitive edge.”

“Because KLAS believes in the power of technology to improve healthcare, it only made sense to research emerging, new solutions,” said Adam Gale, KLAS CEO. “We set out to help providers cut through the hype in this market and we found some new technologies with real capabilities. The recent Top 20 report highlights those solutions with the greatest potential impact according to healthcare leaders.”