Definitive Healthcare Expands Commercial Claims Platform to Include Rx Data

Never-Before-Seen Integration Contextualizes Billions of Commercial Medical & Rx Claims, Empowering Users to Analyze Market Trends and Drive Business Strategies\

Definitive Healthcare,, the leading provider of data, intelligence, and analytics on the healthcare provider market, today announced the expansion of its all-payor commercial claims platform with the addition of prescription drug (Rx) claims datasets. With this integration, Definitive Healthcare provides users with instant access to the broadest and most representative view of the healthcare market available, through combining claims data with proprietary intelligence on healthcare providers.

In today’s news, Definitive Healthcare expands its already comprehensive base of all-payor data, including both private, commercial medical claims datasets and claims covered by public payors, like the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). And now, with the addition of commercial Rx claims data, Definitive Healthcare users will have access to a constantly-expanding trove of real-world data, such as drug and prescription patterns, diagnoses and procedures, referrals, and more.

Historically, all-payor data has been difficult and cumbersome to access and analyze. With this product expansion, Definitive Healthcare delivers integrated, searchable, and dynamic commercial claims data through its innovative platform. The platform features a search tool that enables users to find relevant medical and prescription claims data, as well as the unique ability to view all-payor claims data in context with Definitive Healthcare’s proprietary healthcare provider intelligence such as affiliations, quality of care metrics and technology infrastructure.

“We are thrilled to have solved an unmet market need – and this is just another step toward our goal of becoming the single source of truth for healthcare industry intelligence,” said Jason Krantz, CEO of Definitive Healthcare. “By combining billions of commercial medical and Rx claims with our existing proprietary data, we provide a solution that connects the dots across the entire U.S. continuum of care –
empowering our clients to analyze market trends, develop segmentation strategies, and evaluate brand loyalty and behavioral patterns. Our product gives users an understanding of what is happening within the healthcare market, and where opportunities might exist, and we look forward to continuing to help our clients revolutionize their market strategies.”

Commercial Rx Claims
Definitive Healthcare’s all-new commercial Rx claims dataset offers 900 million prescription drug claims for approximately 37 million patients and 1 million physicians. Updated monthly, this feature allows users to easily search for pharmaceuticals by drug class, name, manufacturer, and National Drug Code (NDC). NDCs differentiate pharmaceuticals by manufacturer, distributor, drug strength, dosage form (e.g., capsule, tablet, or liquid), and packaging type. With this functionality, clients can quickly and effectively assess their target markets down to the most precise details. By integrating this new intelligence, Definitive Healthcare enables users to identify the most commonly prescribed drugs by volume and cost, physicians with the highest prescribing volumes, and much more.

Commercial Medical Claims
In late 2018, Definitive Healthcare integrated more than three billion medical claims for approximately 210 million de-identified patients into its existing product suite, covering about 65 percent of the U.S. population. Dating back from January 2016, feeds of claims data are updated monthly, and this integration allows users to access profiles for healthcare organizations and healthcare professionals in an easy-to-use interface, where the data is integrated and searchable. The commercial medical claims dataset allows its users to identify healthcare trendsetters, referral patterns, total and average charges, patient outcomes, and population health trends – and effectively segment their target market by diagnoses, procedures, affiliated payors, and number of beneficiaries. This integration also allows users to generate custom reports based on diagnoses and procedures from hospitals, physicians, physician groups, surgery and imaging centers, and clinics.

The addition of commercial Rx claims to Definitive’s existing product suite will deliver to clients an even more comprehensive view of the entire healthcare market. Definitive Healthcare is constantly identifying new ways to enhance its product suite to strengthen its standing as the most reliable, accurate, and up-to-date source for healthcare intelligence and analytics. The company’s decision to invest in commercial claims results from continual research, including client feedback, to understand what healthcare market insights best benefit its growing client base.

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