Global Content and Data Veteran Frank Cutitta Joins HIMSS Media Lab Launch Team

Credit: HIMMS Media Lab

Cutitta named as Director of the Center for Content Analytics

As part of the official launch of the HIMSS Media Lab, HIMSS Media has named Frank Cutitta as its Director of the Center for Content Analytics. In this role, Frank will direct his team to provide clients with data-driven insights about the personas, emotional and information needs of potential health technology buyers.

Leveraging the largest healthcare technology buyer database in the world, the Center for Content Analytics will build scientifically-based content marketing strategies. In turn, those strategies help other Media Lab teams to shape new and better client content that is designed to engage target audiences based on emotional and information triggers.

The HIMSS Media Lab was formed to help clients improve their content and marketing strategy in order to deepen audience engagement. The “enriched” content ultimately gets disseminated within the HIMSS Media platform, and beyond — whether it’s developing digital media products like webinars and videos, or producing custom-built face-to-face events.

“I’m like a kid in a candy store,” said Cutitta. “The HIMSS database can tell us so much about different healthcare or technology market segments. We know what information they consume, how their purchase process works, and what emotions impact their buying decisions. When you can mine that much empirical data, prescribing and crafting the right content for deeper buying insights becomes very clear.”

The HIMSS global database contains over 1,000,000 professionals engaging with HIMSS through marquee digital brands such as Healthcare IT News, and Healthcare Finance News, or through live events including the HIMSS Annual Conference, PopHealth Forum, and the Big Data and Healthcare Analytics Forum.

Before joining the HIMSS Media Lab, Cutitta studied and applied his scientific approach to content marketing in a number of roles. He is a Graduate Professor and Research Fellow at Northeastern University, focusing on Cross-Cultural Communications. Frank also founded the Center for Global Branding, where his Weapons of Mass Discussion® practice specialized in driving social media conversations for businesses and governments around the world. In addition, Frank held senior international leadership roles at International Data Group, and as CEO of the International Advertising Association. He was a Board Member for HIMSS Worldwide and HIMSS Media where he first developed the vision for a Center for Content Analytics.

“We’re so excited to have such a proven performer and thought leader like Frank helping to lead the Media Lab,” said Betsy Kominsky, Vice President of Marketing Solutions. “Clients are already benefitting from Frank’s knowledge and approach. The results speak for themselves.”

Frank Cutitta, Director of the Center for Content Analytics, HIMSS Media Lab

Frank Cutitta, Director of the Center for Content Analytics, HIMSS Media Lab