Customized, Mobile COVID-19 Testing Programs Launch in Massachusetts

Mobile Healthcare Services Brings Experienced Field Providers to Conquer the Last Mile in Healthcare and Make On-the-Go Patient Care a Reality

Mobile Healthcare Services (MHS), focused on bridging gaps in healthcare accessibility, has launched in Massachusetts, offering a variety of customized COVID-19 testing program options and conducting more than 30,000 mobile COVID-19 tests per month to help mitigate the spread of the novel coronavirus.

In response to the great need for testing during the pandemic, the MHS team of healthcare experts, in conjunction with a world-class laboratory in Boston, created customized COVID-19 testing programs to meet the needs of a wide range of companies and facilities. Mobile Healthcare Services offers turnkey solutions to manage the logistics, implementation and operation of a testing program, so businesses can focus on their day-to-day operations.

MHS provides all the tools, including policies, procedures, best practices, educational resources for administrative staff, specimen collection services, kits and all the necessary supplies to perform COVID-19 testing. Registered nurses, EMTs and paramedics in full PPE perform on-site sample collection at any desired location within New England. MHS ensures secure, confidential online results are available between 24-48 hours after testing. MHS also guarantees the cost of their testing solution will be among the lowest PCR COVID-19 testing options on the market and of the highest quality.

“Having mobile COVID-19 testing has been a critical component for our organization to continue to safely offer our essential mental health and human services during this challenging time,” said Noreen Hayes, assistant director of human resources for ServiceNet. “Partnering with Mobile Healthcare Services eliminates the stress of managing the complexities of a testing program, and we can feel confident that our employees, individuals and families are receiving the highest level of care from an experienced team of healthcare providers.”

MHS was created to utilize the unique skillset of EMTs, paramedics and field providers who are accustomed to delivering care on-the-go. By leveraging idle time experienced between ambulance calls, MHS is able to provide much needed care in the convenience and comfort of patients’ homes, workplaces or live-in care facilities.

“Mobile Healthcare Services recognizes that healthcare is changing, and it no longer exists solely within the four walls of hospitals, medical office buildings and clinics,” said Alexandre Theoharidis, President and CEO of Mobile Healthcare Services. “At MHS, we combine the powerful knowledge and experience of field providers with the latest technology innovations in the market to conquer the last mile in healthcare, and bring care to the patient, which is more important than ever as communities look to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.”