Critical Alert Integrates Nurse Call System with Kronos Workforce Management Solution

Critical Alert Systems, a leading provider of nurse call solutions for hospitals and health systems, announced the completed development of technology integration between its Nurse Call System and the Kronos Workforce Central solution. The seamless integration enables clinical leadership to schedule staff in a single solution and have those assignments automatically distributed to the Nurse Call Solution.

“The Kronos Workforce management solution is widely recognized throughout the healthcare industry for its product excellence and world-class support,” said April Hjort, vice president of research & development, Critical Alert Systems.Critical Alert is committed to providing technology integration with market leading products in order to help hospitals and healthcare organizations maintain high quality care, improve clinical productivity, and empower employees.”

Clinical Workflow Optimization Begins With Staff Assignment

Managing staff assignments in hospital units can be time-consuming, complex, frequently undermining the effectiveness of clinical staff. Despite the adoption of interoperable standards across the spectrum of healthcare systems, clinical leadership often is required to redundantly schedule staff in many of the systems deployed within their units even though the staff-to-patient/room assignments are generally the same.

Kronos’ high degree of flexibility enables managers to effectively adapt to the daily needs of open shifts, shift swaps, time-off requests, etc. Most importantly, Kronos’ focus on managing care roles helps the clinical team more easily match the skills and qualifications of the staff to the acuity of the patients within the unit, while taking into account employee preferences and availabilities. This helps ensure optimal patient care while keeping clinical staff focused, engaged, and operating efficiently.

Use Case:

  • Manage staff assignments based on skill-level, role, patient acuity, and workload.
  • Staff assignments automatically populate within the Nurse Call system.
  • Patient requests and/or alarms triggered in the room automatically forwarded by Nurse Call to staff’s mobile device.
  • Eliminate/reduce redundant staff assignments within Nurse Call system.

Benefits of Kronos Integration with Critical Alert Nurse Call

  • Easy-to-use solution for staff assignment of clinical resource by role, protocol, or policy.
  • Enables balanced workload distribution based on patient acuity & other clinical factors.
  • Ability to forecast staffing requirements by volume & shift across the entire organization.
  • On-demand visibility of labor analytics enables evidence-based decision support.
  • Paperless workflow & employee self-service.

About Critical Alert Nurse Call Native Integrations

Critical Alert is the healthcare industry’s only Nurse Call provider that includes native integrations to industry leading systems and devices without middleware. This enables hospitals to reduce costs and create more efficient workflows, faster response times, more informed responses to patient requests, and fewer clinical interruptions.

Critical Alert has partnered with the leaders in Clinical Communications, Wireless & Smartphones, Real Time Location Systems (RTLS), Patient Engagement & Entertainment, Emergency Management, and Building Automation.

  • Cisco®
  • Centrak®
  • Ekahua®
  • GetWellNetwork®
  • Inovonics®
  • Johnson Controls
  • Mobile Heartbeat™
  • PatientSafe®
  • Spectralink®
  • STANLEY® Healthcare
  • Stryker® Smart Beds
  • Voalte®
  • Vocera®.