CoxHealth Selects MDLIVE as Virtual Healthcare Partner to Deliver Comprehensive Care Across Missouri

Partnership will leverage the power and interoperability of MDLIVE’s virtual care platform with CoxHealth’s leading physician network to drive better outcomes for consumers and streamlined workflows for providers

MDLIVE Inc., an industry-leading virtual healthcare provider, today announced a strategic and landmark partnership with CoxHealth. MDLIVE’s virtual care platform will be seamlessly integrated into CoxHealth’s existing digital framework to optimize the virtual care experience for both consumers and providers across the state of Missouri. CoxHealth will leverage MDLIVE’s holistic virtual experience to better support the many complexities and systems involved in providing virtual care.

“CoxHealth’s partnership with MDLIVE aligns with our mission to improve the healthcare of our community by delivering the most comprehensive and highest quality care to our patients on their terms,” said Dr. Louis Krenn, Medical Director of Ambulatory Clinical Practice Efficiency. “We chose MDLIVE based on their track record of driving world-class consumer and clinician experience, as well as their ability to seamlessly integrate their platform within our Electronic Health Records (EHRs).”

CoxHealth will leverage MDLIVE’s platform to improve access to quality care and convenience for CoxHealth consumers.  The team will directly integrate MDLIVE’s platform into the health system’s EHRs (Electronic Health Records) and physician workflows to deliver a more streamlined and comprehensive virtual care experience for both consumers and providers. By driving virtual care workflows directly from their EHRs, CoxHealth can eliminate gaps in healthcare caused by relying on patients to recall and input their own medical history prior to consulting with a physician. Through MDLIVE’s artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, providers will be able to streamline operations and be better equipped with more accurate and up-to-date medical information to efficiently meet consumer needs and deliver the best possible patient experience.

“MDLIVE is proud to collaborate with CoxHealth to drive improved health outcomes at lower costs with more convenience for consumers across Southwest Missouri,” said Rich Berner, Chief Executive Officer of MDLIVE. “Together, we will break down the barriers to healthcare access as MDLIVE continues to meet the needs of health systems, patients and providers through our interoperable platform and leading virtual care services.”