CompactCath Unveils the World’s Most Discreet FDA-Cleared Catheter

CompactCath, a medical device company committed to improving the quality of life for people with bladder conditions, has today unveiled its flagship intermittent urinary catheter designed to address the most common frustrations of regular catheter users. The FDA-Cleared device will be available today through various distributors including 180 Medical, Strive Medical, ABC Medical, Independence Medical and Wilmington Medical Supply (WMS), and will be fully reimbursable through insurance carriers and Medicare.

Designed by a team of physicians and engineers that met at Stanford, CompactCath fits in the palm of the hand, providing a smaller, easier and more discreet experience than traditional catheters. CompactCath comes pre-lubricated, has a drainage control mechanism, a sleeve for more hygienic non-touch insertion, and lastly opaque packaging that brings users more privacy. It alleviates the negative emotions associated to an already difficult situation by empowering users with more patient-centered functionality and design. Available in a variety of sizes optimized for use by women, men and children, the new CompactCath grants users with more control along with comfort and privacy.CompactCath aims to reduce the inconvenience or embarrassment felt by some patients about self-catheterizing. It does this by minimizing the catheter size, noisy packaging, and risk of mess. These factors not only caused inconvenience to users, but also often led to infrequent usage which resulted in increased risk of infection and further complications.

“We’re very excited to bring convenience and confidence to people who have to self-catheterize with a compact and discreet package. The new design is easy to carry and dispose of, and easily fits into your pocket,” said Naama Stauber Breckler, CEO of CompactCath. “We look forward to helping catheter users take back control of their lives without missing a step. Through our samples program, we’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback from hundreds of catheter users, most of whom have been waiting for such improvements for a long time, so we cannot wait to make CompactCath available to all catheter users in the next few months.”

Winner of the 2016 IF Design Award, CompactCath’s dimensions and features include:

  • Compact size 2.3×2.3”
  • Pre-lubricated catheter and polished eyelets for smoother insertion
  • Hygiene sheath that allows non-touch insertion, minimizing risk of infection
  • Unisex catheter, fits both male and female, each can pull the length that they need
  • Drainage control mechanism allowing users full control on when to drain their urine.
  • Opaque packaging for maximum privacy

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