Community Health Systems Keeps Vulnerable Patients Safer with Virtual Patient Monitoring

CHS Clinical Leaders To Discuss Technology Deployment During Upcoming Webinar

Franklin, Tennessee based Community Health Systems, one of the nation’s leading healthcare providers, operating 78 acute-care hospitals and other sites of healthcare delivery in 44 distinct markets across 15 states, will present their deployment roadmap for virtual sitter technology in an upcoming webinar. During the presentation, to be held at 12:30 pm ET on August 31, CHS executives will share insights into their decision to help improve patient safety by expanding virtual patient monitoring.

CHS sought to use AvaSure Telesitter® technology to help reduce patient falls. In doing so, CHS affiliates have also been able to leverage the cost efficiencies of having one virtual sitter monitor 12-16 patients, enabling the hospitals to monitor more patients than with bedside sitters alone – keeping a greater number of potentially vulnerable patients safer. 


  • Lynn Simon, M.D., MBA, President of Healthcare Innovation and Chief Medical Officer, CHS 
  • Pam Rudisill, DNP, RN, MSN, NEA-BC, FAAN, Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer, CHS
  • Lisbeth Votruba, MSN, RN, Chief Clinical Officer, AvaSure

“Large, diverse health systems like CHS are continually challenged to optimize staff utilization while ensuring care quality,” said Votruba. “With staffing issues impacting hospitals nationwide, and with burnout on the rise, provider organizations are turning to innovative yet proven technology to ensure consistent and constant patient monitoring. This webinar will illustrate how hospitals and health systems of all sizes can leverage this technology to not only ensure more ‘ears and eyes’ on patients, but to make the most of their precious human resources.”

“As a large company that has focused on patient safety for years, we were excited to take this step forward with virtual sitting technology,” said Dr. Lynn Simon, M.D., MBA, President of Healthcare Innovation and Chief Medical Officer. “In addition to monitoring patients, the AvaSure TeleSitter solution helps address workforce challenges by reducing the need for 1:1 sitters and enabling nurses to stay focused on other core patient care duties.”

Currently relied upon in over 1,000 hospitals, the AvaSure TeleSitter® remote patient video monitoring system aims to improve patient safety by preventing falls and injuries, empowering virtual safety attendants to see anywhere in the room.

To learn more about the August 31st webinar and to register to attend, click here.