“Community by Current Health” Launches to Unlock Insight into Health at Home

Community is now enrolling participants in its COVID-19 home-based clinical study

Current Health today launched Community, an initiative designed to glean deeper, more representative insights into human health at home. By using Current Health’s state-of-the-art health monitoring technology, Community provides the general public an opportunity to contribute to clinical research from the comfort of their own homes. Community is designed to build diverse, longitudinal datasets that provide novel insights into disease progression in the home setting.

At a time when healthcare delivery is shifting from the hospital to the home, Community will provide much needed data insights to help deliver new home-based care models at scale. Current Health will use the data to continue training it’s existing artificial intelligence (AI) models to be able to identify and predict illness, and ultimately enable earlier preventive treatment. The need for proactive identification of the at-risk patients through large-scale, generalizable data is especially critical as organizations look to expand home-based healthcare across larger, multi-million patient populations.

How It Works

Community is developing the largest longitudinal health at-home dataset through its use of Current Health’s FDA-cleared remote monitoring platform, which continuously and passively records health data such as vital signs and behavioral metrics. Everything participants need is shipped directly to their home, including a tablet to record daily activities and symptoms as well as internet connectivity. Access to 24/7, continuous health data stands in stark contrast to prior efforts, which have been focused on intermittent data collection.

“Data is key to understanding how diseases present and evolve across populations,” said Dr. Stewart Whiting, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Current Health. “And with our technology, we have the ability to collect massive amounts of data within the context of a patient’s day-to-day life, allowing us to create more diverse, representative clinical datasets. By collecting more and better population data, we can enhance our understanding of disease and enable early delivery of preventive treatments at home that benefit all people.”

Get Involved

Community is now enrolling participants in its COVID-19 study, which aims to predict hospitalization due to COVID-19 and inform clinical treatment. Any U.S. resident who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 48 hours is eligible to participate in the home-based clinical study and will receive compensation. To begin the enrollment process, individuals must simply fill out this eligibility form.

“People are desperate to help in the fight against COVID-19, but many don’t know how,” said Adam Wolfberg, Chief Medical Officer at Current Health. “If you are diagnosed with COVID-19, sharing your health data is one of the most impactful ways to contribute to life saving research. It has never been easier to participate in clinical research and we are proud of how Community will expand the opportunity to meaningfully contribute to science.”

For more information on Community by Current Health, visit here.