Cohere Health adds Vori Health to its Digital Prior Authorization Ecosystem

Partnership will add Vori’s integrated virtual and in-person musculoskeletal care as a care option directly in the authorization workflow

Cohere Health, an emerging high growth digital health company, and Vori Health, a first-class, innovative medical provider for musculoskeletal care announced a partnership that will enable Vori users to access Cohere’s digital prior authorization solution, while adding Vori’s virtual and in-person musculoskeletal care, premium online content, and social community to Cohere’s solutions.

Under the arrangement, Cohere will offer its health plan and risk-bearing customers the ability to connect with Vori as a preferred musculoskeletal ecosystem partner accessed via Cohere’s digital prior authorization platform. Cohere’s customers will be able to activate Vori for patients and providers connected to Cohere via Cohere’s evidence-based clinical pathways, which can be configured by line of business and customized for self-funded employer solutions.

Through this partnership, Cohere and Vori are directly integrating health plans and risk-bearing entities with appropriate, evidence-based, comprehensive musculoskeletal care. Not only does this improve care access, but also maximizes the quadruple aims of improving the patient experience, population health outcomes, cost effectiveness, and the provider experience. With the support of Cohere’s digital prior authorization solution, Vori will be able to immediately confirm patient coverage and enroll patients with minimal delay into its fully integrated, virtual musculoskeletal care program. Collectively, these capabilities will improve adoption of evidence-based practices, as well as patient experience and outcomes for patients experiencing musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.

“We’re excited to combine forces with a digital health innovator like Vori, who is focused on using technology to improve musculoskeletal care outcomes,” said Siva Namasivayam, CEO, Cohere Health. “Unfortunately, a significant amount of care in this sector is unnecessary after considering patient preferences, social determinants, and the lack of objective evidence in pathways, such as for low back pain. Cohere’s position as an outcomes-focused digital prior authorization solution can better connect patients to the kinds of services and technology that Vori has designed to deliver.”

Cohere Health’s AI-based, fully automated solutions are driving industry-best digital adoption (92% of users), as they significantly reduce provider abrasion and enable personalized guidance across the patient’s entire episode of care. These solutions are also reducing care delays (up to 90% instant determinations) and unnecessary costs. Cohere’s solutions fully support pending CMS and state regulatory requirements, including immediate auto-determination, review turnaround times, provider “greenlighting” and FHIR interoperability standards.

Vori expects the partnership to better coordinate primary care and specialist activity by integrating Vori’s care pathway content and high-quality services into Cohere’s digital prior authorization platform. The Cohere platform will also enable greenlighting of Vori providers who consistently meet quality standards, and will reduce administrative barriers that can prevent patients from easily accessing high quality care.

“At Vori Health, one of our main initiatives is to creatively engage patients and provide faster access to appropriate, evidence-based care,” said Ryan Grant, MD, Founder & CEO of Vori Health. “The evolution of healthcare has demonstrated the necessity for more integrated care options, and what’s unique about this partnership is that we’re creating a complete musculoskeletal ecosystem—virtual, in-person, and digital—for complete care between the patient, provider and payer.”